Welcome to Geoff’s ificouldbeasmile.com.  YOU will discover that ificouldbeaSMILE is so much more than a saying accompanied by a figure.  It is a state of mind.  It is an attitude that through Choice and an abundance of new Opportunities can and will redefine who and what YOU are.  It REINFORCES every day YOU wear and/or gaze at ificouldbeaSMILE a positive attitude, a feeling of contentment and a pure experience of delight.

ificouldbeaSMILE is paired with “Anything and Everything is Possible”.  Together they allow YOU to explore, discover and have fun.  They together allow YOU to make good Choices that present an abundance of Opportunities that lay before YOU each and every day.

There is a magic quality when both ificuoldbeaSMILE and “Everything and Anything is Possible” is presented to YOU and YOU accept their power and their results.

The About Us Page is broken down into 3 separate pages (Clothing & StuffAbstract PaintingsPoems).  Each Page describes what they are and offers a link to view on the Gallery Page where actual products along with cost to purchase are available.

The Gallery Page is, also, broken down into 4 additional Pages (ificouldbeasmileArt & Art (Page 2)   Poetry).  On these Pages, YOU can view items for sale and price.

The Blog Page has 2 separate Blogs.  Geoff’s Blog and Random Thoughts.  Geoff’s Blog talks about the power of ificouldfbeaSMILE and “Anything and Everything is Possible”.  Random Thoughts is a more General and it tackles Social, Economic and Political ISSUES.

Click the Blog Page and it takes YOU to Random Thoughts.  Clicking Random Thoughts then takes YOU to a Page where Random Thoughts and Geoff’s Blog are found.  It is on this Page that a COMMENTS Section is found.

You can find additional products on the following sites: 10 Zazzle.com  2) CafePress.com  3) Etsy.com  When you get there just type in the Search: ificcouldbeasmile.  Good luck and enjoy!

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