The solution is not more SPENDING

The RICH don’t pay their “fair share”.   Every time that the RINO WHIG Democrat Lite Republican Party presents a plan to lower taxes, the Left storms the mic and in Collective unison declares that tax cuts ONLY favor those with large incomes, the rich.

The Left will NEVER let the Truth and Facts get in their way of increasing taxes.  They will Lie, Deceive and Misinform the Public like Elmer Gantry at a tent revival.
Over the last 100 years, taxes have been cut by Presidents Coolidge, Kennedy, Reagan and Bush.  Each and ever time the Tax rate was lowered, the Federal government took in MORE dollars not less.
The PROBLEM has NEVER been lower tax rates but, rather, increased SPENDING.  The Congress cannot control themselves.  Spending is power and power is what elected Representatives seek above all.  Increased power leads to more control.
The RINO WHIGS run on limited government and lower taxes, yet once in office they do a quick 180 degree turn and become Spendoholics like their brothers and sisters on the Left.  We, the People always suffer.
Increased SPENDING means borrowing more money.  Borrowing more money creates deficits and deficits enlarge the National Debt which currently is over $20,000,000,000,000.  That is 20 TRILLION, a number that is very very difficult to wrap one’s mind around. That number NEVER stops growing.
Neither Party cares.  They just kick the can down the road and saddle your children and grandchildren with enormous DEBT.  Where is the RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY?
Borrowed money comes with a price.  That PRICE is Interest.  As the runaway train speeds down the debt track.  By 2047, INTEREST will demand 21% of the Budget.  That can easily translate to half a TRILLION dollars or more a year just for interest.
More government intervention into the economy will ONLY have a disastrous effect.  Look at the European Union, former Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea and the collapse of Venezuela.
Is it not time for Congress and the President to do their jobs? 

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