The #FakeNews bonanza is here.  What is Fake News?  Wikipedia defines Fake News as  a type of yellow journalism or propaganda that consists of deliberate misinformation or hoaxes spread via traditional print and broadcast news media or online social media.[1] Fake news is written and published with the intent to mislead in order to damage an agency, entity, or person, and/or gain financially or politically, often with sensationalist, exaggerated, or patently false headlines that grab attention.

The immediate question that arises is WHY do so many individuals buy into Fake News?
Objective journalism on TV is pretty much dead. It makes no matter if one is watching Fox, CNN, MSNBC or the alphabet Network programs.
Watch all these various Networks is like going to the circus and the clown performance is underway. They talk loud, shout over each other, interrupt and above all rarely ever tell the TRUTH. It all boils down to a Talking Points Marathon where the host just starers at the guest/panel and seems to have little control over the discussion or they just side with their side. Panels are stacked. Little if any information is presented.
I went cold-turkey over a year ago and since October of 2016 have NOT watch TV except for the NBA League Pass.
I have found the Internet much more valuable where I can easily go to different sources and then with the data and facts in hand make up my own mind.
I also subscribe to CRTV will is part of ConservativeReview.com. Yes, it is Conservative but an outstanding site to get those needs Facts and Data to make an informed decision. Mark Levin, Steven Crowder, Michele Malkin, Phil Robertson, Gavin McGinnes and a host of other highlight every penny spent as a member and 1000 fold more.
The Mainstream Media is nothing more then the Praetorian Guard Media for the Democrat Party. 
To further support the idea that Americans have become lazy, disinterested and look for the easy most available way to get information lends itself to #FakeNews.
In 1990, 16 percent of Americans hadn’t read a single book in the previous year. In 2015, it was 27 percent.  That is over 25% of reading Americans do not take the time or energy to become informed.  The excuses come forth like a soaring eagle.  But boil all the nonsense out and the number 1 reason is that reading is NOT a priority for them.
Bestsellers lists are flooded with Self-Help, books and young-adult fiction (Harry Potter rules).  In addition, the masses want to be entertained.  Watching is much more easy then participation.
The end results is that people just don’t have the FACTS nor the Information available to make a good decision.  The tentacles of Lying, Deceit and Misinformation spread wide and far.

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