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This Blog Post will talk about  If I could be a Smile is a multi-faceted idea that is a saying, a figure and a philosophy of life.

Ificouldbeasmile is linked to “Anything and Everything is Possible”.  Together they create a very positive attitude where there are NO limits, choice is boundless, commitment is essential, goals necessary, persistence acknowledged and exploration and discovery vital.  You become the navigator of your life and future.  It all starts in the moment.

Your perspective will broaden.  Self imposed limitations will drop off into the abyss.  As your perspective widens so do the opportunities before you.

As opportunities present themselves to you, the fear of entering the door of opportunity diminishes.

Baby steps at first.  With each step, the darkness (fear) begins to fade.  As the black shrinks, the light grows.  Self-confidence expands.  Hope becomes more than a static idea.

Ificoudbeamsile gives you control and purpose.  You begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It all starts now.  Embrace ificouldbeasmile and let it help guide you toward your destiny.

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