A GIANT step backward (drawkcab)

It is INSANE just how and coroesive the INSANITY has become.  In the 1960’s Whites and Blacks united to end Racial discrimination, segregation and bring the races together as Americans.  The result was the Civil Rights Acts of the 60’s.  But, in the 21st Century there is a movement by the Radical Left to bring back Racial discrimination, segregation and create a greater divide between the races.  Go figure?

Every venue is open to someone at some time whining about how difficult it is to be Black in 21st Century America.  The latest celebrity to take to the mic is LeBron James, the multi-million dollar NBA All-Star, explaining to America that the road travelled still has a great distance to go.  A man adored by all Races and millions upon millions of youngsters who want be just like Mr. James.  The Super-Star makes his living puting on a tank top, shorts and sneakers to display his skills and talents by playing a kids game for mega dollars.  Go figure?

When Barak Obama was elected in 2008, I believed deeply at the time that America had turned the corner regarding Race.  The first Black man was elected to the highest office in the country and world.  With the support and vote from countless millions of White Americans it would NEVER had happened.  Unfortunately, the relations between the Races became more tense and divided.  Obama in fact did NOTHING to bring ALL Americans together.  He was not interested in unity but, rather, in “fundamentally transforming America”.

College and universities have become Bunker Headquarters for the WAR to destroy any and all opposition.  “Micro-Aggressions, Trigger Warnings, Safe Spaces along with Political Correctness & Multi-Culturalism are the preferred weapons of choice by the legions of Social Justice Warriors who are enabled by the Faculty and Administration of far too many centers of Higher Learning.  The inmates have taken over the asylum.  The Constitution and its Bill of Rights are ONLY viewed when they fall in line with the IDEOLOGY of the Left.  Free Speech is ONLY FREE to those who agree with the agenda and purpose of the Social Justice Warriors.  The opposition must be destroyed for they embody pure EVIL.  EVIL because they don’t fall into line with the preferred dogma.

The INSANITY is personified by a Professor at New York University who sees NO validity in any opposing view said “ [certain positions/views/beliefs] “invalidate the humanity of some people, they restrict speech as a public good” and in “such cases there is no inherent value to be gained from debating them in public”.  WHY have a 1st Amendment?  And let’s not leave out the President of Harvard who said, “We need to hear those hateful ideas so our society is fully equipped to oppose and defeat them.”

From the explosion of the New Left in the 1960’s  to today, these Radicals have migrated to the college and university to dispense their delusional IDEOLOGY where their Utopian vision will create Paradise (for them and only them) on Earth.  The result is that from K-12 and another 1to 4 plus years the young are bombarded with indoctrination through propaganda and are turned into Activists and NOT learners with critical thinking, logic and reasoning skills.

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