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72Mizel1 “If I could be a SMILE” is much more than a simple design for clothing, caps, bags and even postcards and mugs.   It is a gateway to “Anything and Everything is Possible”.    Together they reinforce every day YOUR Possibilities.  The only boundaries that confront YOU are those that YOU impose upon yourself.   Make the CHOICES to all life’s wonders and watch what unfolds. “ificouldbeaSMILE” is an ATTITUDE and much more.  YOU are the composite of your attitudes, beliefs and ideas. “ificouldbeaSMILE” reinforces YOUR potential.  Boundaries drop away and YOUR Opportunities become endless.  YOU have taken charge of YOUR Destiny. YOU will come to Discover that Peace of Mind, Joy & Happiness and Serenity seek YOU out, rather than YOU finding them. Explore, Discover and Fun all await YOU through “ificouldbeaSMILE” Don’t put off what YOU can accomplish today for tomorrow.  Start NOW!

Clothing and Stuff is where it can ALL happen.  “ificanbeasmile.com” is that first baby step that allows for YOUR perspective to broaden.  Find what suits your tastes where it is a T-Shirt, Hoodie, Backpack or some other “Stuff” and give your imagination and creativity free rein.  Remember “Anything and Everything is Possible”, and all it takes is for YOU to wear or display ificouldbeaSMILE!

Abstract Paintings is another vehicle where YOU can let your imagination and creativity take off without any boundaries or limits.  What is ART?  It is a subjective experience, different for everyone.  My paintings allows YOU the ability to roam the canvas and promote “Anything and Everything is Possible”.  Start NOW!  THE Painting titled “Rising” WON 1st Prize at the June 2014 San Mateo County Fair.  In addition, the same painting took Best of SHOW.

Poems incorporates words with a background of watercolors.  The words trigger images and the watercolors create a pleasant addition that combines  “Anything and Everything is Possible”. [column size=”one-half”]If could be a SMILE” is NOW.  It allows YOU to build upon a very POSITIVE Attitude. “If I could be a SMILE” builds a foundation for living in the Moment and believing “Everything and Anything is Possible” for YOU.[/column] [column size=”one-half” last=”true”] “If I could be a SMILE” opens to YOU to your Destiny where it stands before YOU.  Don’t allow others to control who and what YOU are.[/column]   ificoudbeasmile.com offers more than Web pages.  It offers content:

  • “Anything and Everything is Possible”
  • A Positive Attitude
  • Perspective
  • Choice
  • Opportunity
  • Clarity

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