Abstract Paintings



Art is “in the eye of the beholder”.  What one might consider Art can be to another just a lot of color thrown on a canvas.

Abstract Art offers the mind a chance to engage the more creative areas of the brain.  One’s perspective is opened to where “Anything and Everything is Possible”.

Within a single Abstract Painting can reside a multitude of visual experiences.  One’s limitations are only defined by One’s Choices.

Let Your inner-self out.  Let it explore, discovery and play with all the Possibilities.

Art (page 1) uses Black, White and a combination of Grey to produce a canvas of people, places, animals, demons and whatever You can imagine.  Get creative!  Let Go!

Art 2 incorporates color.  Art 2 allows a delightful and wonderful experience of color to unlock a journey of creative and unlimited use of the imagination.

Give yourself the choice to explore and discovery and create Your fun.