How does an IDEA and not a gun stop a fanatical Islamo-Fascist swinging a knife toward decapatating you stop and change the person from killing you. For the President of the United States to speak such nonsense is both alarming and delusional. For nearly 7 years President Obama has utter touchy feels good intention to the point of exhaustion. The results are a world burning in the Middle East, the Ukraine, the South China Sea, a golden pathway for Iran to become a nuclear power within 15 years, the Supreme Leader of Iran declaring for all the world to hear and understand that Israel has no more than 25 years to exist, a Dark Age North Korea threatened America, a Europe that is demographically destroying itself, Russia marching into Iraq/Syria to defeat ISIS but really there to protect the brutal dictator Aasad and grow a Russian Empire, the lost of Iraq and eventually Afganistan forsaking the blood and treasure that America expended, an America that is slowly losing its sovereignty by having open borders and a rise in anti-Semetism rivaling the 1930s.

America is becoming a Paper Tiger thanks to President Obama’s vision of how to bring the BAD/EVIL over to the side of GOOD. President Obama reaches out to the Islamo-Fascists, Chinese Communists, Fascist Russia and Stalanist Cubans with a wide beaming smile, kind words and a gentle slap on the back. In return, the fanatics and tyrants grab up more land, destroy and murder and creat chaos and mayhem. I guess in the mind of a naraccistic delusional ideologue that is a fair and just exchange.

President stated just days away from his swearing in ceremony that America was just days away from being fundamentally transformed”. To his infamous credit, this was not a lie, a deception or misinformation. The President told the TRUTH. He made a promise and has kept it.

The world has been turned upside down where the new normal is abnormal. Mr. Obama sits back looks on and sees only his LEGACY. A Legacy of Obamacare, Open Borders, unconditional Amensity for millions of ILLEGAL immigrants, a sluggish economy, millions upon millions of Americans out of work, a disasterous nuclear deal with Iran, turning enemies into friends and friends to be ignored and confronting the number one disaster facing all of Mankinf CLIMATE CHANGE/GLOBAL WARMING.

Thank you President Obama. There is only a year to go and he still has his phone, pen and a legion of Executive Orders.

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