Business as usual

If I am not mistaken, the heads of the various Intel agencies each stated that to their knowledge there was no “there there”.  Democrats who have a bloodlust for the head of President Trump have stated there is no “there there”.  Even member of the Praetorian Guard Media (Mark Levin) have stated that there is no “there there”.

The Democrats are on a witch hunt.  Since the results of November 8, 2016 gave the Presidency to Donald Trump, the Trump Derangement Syndrome has gone ballistic.  To much time, way to much effort and countless dollars have been invested in bring down the “illegitimate President.  The Democrats and their Media cohorts are 24/7 on a Zombie march to destroy Donald Trump.  In their playbook the Ends (destroy Donald Trump) justifies any and all MEANS (Lies, Deceits & Misinformation) are used.

The ONLY commodity that is lacking in this circus of circuses is the complete lack of interest in the role played by the Obama administration.  FACT: 1) who was President when the Russian hacking began? 2) who was AG who the Russian hacking begun? 3) who was the FBI Director when the Russian hacking begun?  The answer to each of these questions centers on the Obama administration.  President Trump was NOT the President.

We are being played by a duplicitious Praetorian Guard Media (Mark Levin) who are beyond BIASED (Bernard Goldberg) and are in bed with BIG  Brother (Barak Obama).

Mark Levin has spoken a a “revolution” (a silent coup) taking place with the use of the Leviathan buracuracy (deep state) whose intent is to get Donald Trump.  Do not forget that the mantra being used by the get Trump now is “Resistance”.  Look up what exactly this term means and where it was used.

America and its citizens are faced with a number of issues that NEED to be addressed and aren’t: 1) $20,000,000,000,000 National Debt 2) $500,000,000,000 Deficit for 2016 3) out of control SPENDING being place on the backs of the current generation and those yet to be born 4) the Wall and securing the sovereignty of the nation 5) Obamacare continues to implode 5) Terrorism spreads daily 6) Russia, China, North Korea and Iran doing what they want, when they want with NO consequences 7) a United Nations that no longer hides its anti-Semitism 8) a TRILLION dollar (borrowed & adding to the Debt) for infrastructure to the already 800 MILLION dollars spent by Obama 9) another “right” family Leave that will ONLY add to the National Debt 10) a DO NOTHING RINO WHIG Democrat Lite Republican Congress.

Yet, with the house on fire, the roof leaking, rats running about, weeds out front 6 feet high, cracks appearing everywhere and an absentee owner it is business a usual.  The Minority Democrat Party who lost the House, Senate , White House, 33 Governorships and countless Legislatures are acting like they WON and the RINO WHIGS who won act like the backbenchers they are.

Regardless, it is back to Russian collusion, James Comey, the Special Counsel and the illegitimacy of Donald Trump.

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