“…we should embrace rational Republicans that are willing to stand up to Trump and to combat the erosion of democratic ideals and institutions.”  Translation:  as longs as those Republicans love the “Dark Side”and embrace us then the welcome mat is out for them.

Unfortunately, the RINO WHIG Democrat Lite Republicans are melting before our eyes.  They have come out of the closet and declared that they too are Progressives but just want the change to occur much more slowly.

Where is the VIRTUE?  Where are the Core Principals as outlined in Declaration of Independence and Constitution?  The disregard for the Founding Fathers and Framers becomes ever more apparent.  The Bill of Rights applies ONLY if it sides with the Left, otherwise, it just a bunch of meaningless words that have no application to the 21st Century.

Americans need to reconnect with the idea of the” Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”.

The RINO WHIGS nominated two “get along to belong” candidates where each lost to an individual who wanted to “fundamentally transform America” and they through their inactions went along with it.  At the same time, they promised the voter that if elected along with a House and Senate, they would and could make the necessary difference to once again get America back on the right track.  They LIED!  The result was Donald Trump.  He connected with millions of Americans who had become disappointed with their politicians and Media continuing to deceive them.

Hillary Clinton did NOT understand the voter and her remark about “Deplorables” crystalized that sentiment.  Senators Flake and Corer like Hillary Clinton make comments that reflect on the American people and then scratch their heads why no one sides with them.

Washington DC has become a swamp of elites that allows them to enter a bubble of like-minded individuals who echo like-minded dribble.

The Establishment of Washington DC are experts at talking the talk but fall flat on their Collective faces when they have to walk their talk.  They are chameleons who have become experts at adopting to the flavor of the moment to then change as the newest trend materializes.

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