Choices have Consequences

Spike Lee said that America’s actions and reactions to everything, yes everything, is due to” Racism and Genocide”.  Translated to the mantra of 2017, that equals President Trump’s fault.  The Progressive Democrat Party ONLY has one answer today and that is the Racist, Sexist, Homophobe, Islamophobe Trump is to blame for “You name it”.


Lets not forget the unifying words of ex-President Barak Obama when he said at the funeral of the 5 slain police officers, “African American community … feels unfairly targeted by police”; that the effects of “centuries of racial discrimination, of slavery, and subjugation, and Jim Crow” are still very much alive; that “no institution is entirely immune” from racism, “[including] our police departments”; that “African-Americans from all walks of life” feel “a growing despair over what they perceive to be unequal treatment”…

For up to 100 years, the Democrat Party has been in control of a vast majority of American cities.  That means they have the Mayors, City Counsels and Police Commissioners.  They are in charge.  The results have been the lack of education of the poor and minorities, ever increasing violence, slow response and preparedness to disaster and a lot of corruption.

The Democrats answer to everything is MORE much more government intervention.  They promote that it is government, BIG government, that make make the good and right choices.  The results tell a completely different story.

Tradegies cannot be prevented but the way that government reacts to them can and must improve.  That means they should do what they were formed to do and that is secure and protect the citizenry.

Government has become a vast Bureauracy filled with individuals who have zero interest or a vested purpose in really  helping the wants and needs of the individuals.  Their purpose have come to gain more power and control at the expense of the individual rights and protection.

The Democrat Party’s interests focused on themselves and they use the uniformed as pawns in their convoluted game of LIFE.

Hillary Clinton comes out immediately and calls for more gun control after the tragedy in Las Vegas without knowing all the facts.  Professional athletes #TakeaKnee based on a false belief and find major support from the Mainstream Media better called the Praetorian Guard Media (Mark Levin) of the Democrat Ideology.  Commentator after commentator  whether on TV or in Print feel free to say the most outrageous and unsupportive claims, thus,  staring the pot of discontent even more.

The bottom line is that We, the People have a Responsibility and MUST be held Accountable for our decisions.  We elected our Representatives at all levels of government, we turn on our TVs and watch the Lies, Deceits and Misinformation spoken as truth and we buy the papers and magazines that print falsehood after falsehood.

Blame does not ONLY rest with others but should be directed in our direction.  We NEED to make better CHOICES.  Our Choices have consequences.

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