Delightfully Delightful…

Today is going to be a GREAT day.  Question is, will it?  Who has the ability, and/or the power to make the day the best it can be?

Each day is “the first day of the rest of your life”.  Each day unfolds into one of two directions.  If you are a “victim” to circumstances, believe you have little power or control, demonstrate no responsibility or lack accountability for your behavior or actions then the person, place or thing is directing your life.  You are then just a mere receptacle.  Fill me up or drain me.  You simply  “REACT” to everything with the inevitable understanding that there is nothing you have the ability to do.

How many people do you know that fall within the above guidelines of living out each of their days?  Have I described you, be honest!

But there is another direction you can take.  Follow this path and you demonstrably demonstrate control, power and will.  Victimhood is not a word in your vocabulary.  Reaction is a scientific term.  Perspective allows for an action where you are powerful, responsible, accountable and directed.

How many people do you know that fit the above description?  Do you???????????  Would you like to be in control?

If I am a “victim”, is there an escape plan, a strategy, whereby, I can acquire my FREEDOM?  We all have “free will”. I believe the answer is definitely YES!

I have been thinking about acquiring the tools necessary to enriching my life and everyone else’s not once but everyday regardless of the circumstances.  A theory sprang forth with re-enforcing abilities that allows, promotes and sustains a positive, self-assured mind-set.

Each day begins as the previous ones, in that, you awaken from hopefully a restful night’s sleep.  We have this similar experience, but I believe that in the first few nano-seconds of time the unfolding of our day is determined.

What am I talking about?  Is our mind rested, unencumbered and ready and willing to begin?  In those first few nano-seconds as we look about and peer out the window, what do we see and how do we react?  Are the skies grey, is it raining, is it pitch black and/or do we feel a sense of “why me”?

Such feelings set in motion a dense fog of despair, worry, feeling of anxiousness, dread and or fear plus unrtesolved conflict stares us straight in the face unwavering..  We are establishing a blueprint for a lousy day.  It is going to be a day where we have no power or control to make changes or re-direct ourselves toward something much more positive.  We become a victim unto our circumstances.  Our circumstances are driving the car, and we are just the passenger along for the ride.

We then become REACTIVE to any and all situations with zero control.  We constantly think, “Why me”?  Where has the hope gone and will there ever be change?

Not a way I wish to live, how about you????????

Common Sense, logic, and our “intuitive” self tell us there is a better way.  Don’t be a VICTIM.  Grasp hold of yourself and take responsibility and become accountable for what you do, how you do, where you do it and why you do it.


Here is where my theory demonstrates it unique abilities and solves our problem.  Find a means, whereby, positive actions and behaviors can and will be re-enforced promoting even more positive actions and responses.

Looking at not just my day but every ones, I discovered that there is something we all do every single day as we go about living our life.  We constantly come into contact with other people.  We know many but, also, don’t know more.

You ask, “What”?

The answer is the “GREETING”.  “Hi, How are you”?  The responses will vary from “OK”, “Good”, “Fine”, “Pretty Good”, “So So’ and/or a complaint where everything is terrible.  All these responses are milk toast and very uninspiring.  Unfortunately, our response is the same usually.

I have always had a difficult time understanding and grasping what does “Pretty Good” mean? Is there ugly good vs. beautiful good?  “So So is so blasé.  How does one respond to a complaint?  Offer sympathy and condolences and then what?

Such responses multi-times a day do not project a positive can do attitude.  Stuck in the doldrums is not a way toward escape, rather, a pronouncement of continuation.

I found my solution.  I found my re-enforcer.  I found my escape of “victimhood” and a crappy feeling day.

My response needed to be POSITIVE.  Positive feeling breeds more optimism and can do. It puts the user in charge, in control and changes a negative attitude toward the positive, and will even make for a much more positive outlook.

Regardless of how you might feel in those few nano-seconds of time, forget the gloominess of the day about to unfold. Irrespective of any and all negative feelings and thoughts that creep in, simply embrace a positive thought, your new mantra of, “today is delightfully delightful”, “wonderfully wonderful” and/or “yes, today is going to be the best day of my life”.

Lets be honest, most likely that thought might not be in any shape or form “true”.  I really don’t feel delightfully delightful.  I am going to convince myself that I am.

It is easy to mouth the words but so much harder to attach action to them.  That is why the reinforcer is so important and vital to convincing oneself of their meaning and implication. Throughout the day as you make contact with numerous people and greet them with “How are you?” they will reply and, in turn, ask you “How are you?  Yes, you might want to say anything other than “I am great, you force yourself to reply in the very most positive way.  Each time you say that you are delightfully delightful that reinforces the positive and begins to build a belief within you that it actually might be true.

I found that within two week, 14 days, that I truly began to believe that I was really delightfully delightful and everything looked and felt better than just good or so-so.

No longer did external variables have an effect on me.  I was driving the car, going to where I wanted to and when I wanted to with a very positive outlook.  Everything was really getting better.  I was getting better, feeling better, acting better and believing within my very core that it was 100% true.

In addition, I discovered that I also received two more benefits that, in turn, acted as additional reinforcers.  I had created my own little “Paradise in Heaven” right here on planet Earth.  There was a spring to my step, a smile on my face and a serene contentment surrounding my presence.

First, those who I was coming into contact with would no longer hear the standing acknowledgement of the many but, rather, a very positive feel good response that put a smile on their face.  That was very cool.

Secondly, many would upon another contact reply in the same manner and their overall disposition had changed.  Again, that was very cool.

It works first for you and then others benefit.

Now it is your turn.  Take the plunge and you will never regret it!