Do Poll numbers mean anything?

“I’m not exactly going out on a limb to suggest his (President Trump) low approval numbers have a lot to do with his tweeting, his bluster, his pettiness and a lot more. In short, a lot of Americans think he’s temperamentally unfit for office”. For the Democrat Party, “true believers” and fellow travelers of the Progressive Movement I would agree. But, yes the BUT. You did NOT mention what I believe is the prime reason that President Trump has LOW polling numbers. Since his swearing in ceremony, the President has been viciously attack 24/7 (a slight exaggeration) that he is mentally ill, Hitler reincarnate, a Racist, Sexist, Homophobe, Islamophobe and anything other negative term that the Left can come up with.
The Mainstream stream Media better called the Praetorian Guard Media (Mark Levin) is nothing more then a PR Firm/SuperPac of the Democrat Party. “Fair and Balanced”, WHERE? I would suggest you look at the coverage of the Media by Media Research Center which daily sends out 7-8 headlines from the phony Media and their continuous Lying, Deceiving and Misinforming.
And let us not forget the elected Democrat Party officials who wouldn’t know the TRUTH if they bumped into it. Anything and everything that happens is Donald Trump’s fault. He is inches away from causing WWIII and, therefore going to launch America’s nuclear arsenal.
He and Congress passed the best Tax Cut since the Reagan Presidency where a large majority of individual taxpayers will receive a Tax cut meaning they get to keep MORE of their hard earned money. The reaction of the Democrats is that the Tax Cut will kill people and don’t forget their mantra of “tax Cut for the RICH. But they will not acknowledge that the top 1% pay nearly 40% of the total Federal Tax burden or that in 2015 nearly 100,000,000 taxpayers paid NO Taxes and collected nearly $90,000,000 in government refunds paid by those awful Rich folk.
Finally, let us not forget that the two other members of the “IRON Triangle” (Dan Bongino) Hollywood and Academia like the Media are own their own anti-Trump campaign.
The average American who is a TV watcher and/or Newspaper reader is London during the Nazi bombing raids. a daily barrage of anti-Trump tsunami of words and pictures.
Has President Trump done anything??? Is he nothing more then a Racist, Sexist Homophobe, and the reincarnation of Hitler?
1. defeated ISIS
2. unemployment down to a 17-year LOW
3. November saw over 225,000 new jobs
4, Economy growing at 3.3% in third quarter
5. Stock Market continues to grow
6. cutting back on stifling REGULATIONS
7. $1.4 TRILLION Tax overhaul passes in Senate which even before designs the Law has shown some very positive results
8. a Constitutionalist appointed to the Supreme Court
9. Jerusalem recognized as the Capital of Israel and the Embassy to be moved
from Tel Aviv to its rightful place
10. re-evaluating unfavorable trade agreements
11. pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement
12. going after the Iran Nuclear Deal
13. curtailing illegal immigration (down 38%)
14. still push the border wall
President Trump is keeping his words during the campaign and like him or loathe him,
he is fulfilling his promises. Can that be said other other Presidents???

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