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Back to our ROOTS
#1 a Home-run.  The House has 435 member, each representing 500,000+ individuals.  The Senate due to 17th Amendment tis JUST a large scale of the House.  Senators should be accountable to the states that appoint them to REPRESENT the state.
#2. What about Commit3tees and Hearing?  I would rather see a semester system where is has an exact length of time and ends.  Congress goes home to interact with those they represent.  Loaded with information gather, they then go back to Washington DC to meet, discuss and pass those necessary laws which should be few and far between.
#3 Spot on.  Laws should be single issue with zero ride-ons.  1-2 pages should be their length.  Also, Laws should be written in simple language where citizens can understand them.
#4 Again, another Home Run.  Senators, no more then 2 terms.  House 3 terms.  This would STOP the corrupt power hunger Establishment mentality.
#5 I favor a Flat tax for every  working individual of 15% and 19.5% for Corporation.  Unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of what America the EXCEPTIONAL it is and a model of “LIFE, LIBERY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS”.
#6 Balanced Budget Amendment.  Over Spending MUST be stopped.
Currently, the Convention of States Movement is attempting to do the above.  We as a Constitutional Representative Republic MUST return to our roots where the Founders and Framers envisioned Limited Government and “inalienable rights”.
Americans have become distracted, embraced the Victim status and have grown to be dependent upon Government for the answer to everything.  It is time to once again embrace our roots.

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