Don’t become bewildered, confused or shocked

Most of the time as I travel through the 21st Century, I find myself confused, bewildered and even shocked. You are probably thinking, “What is Mizel talking about?

The United States of America is the greatest country on the planet. It is the greatest country ever to exist. There is nowhere else on mother Earth where the individual has so much FREEDOM, OPPORTUNITY, and to borrow from President Obama “Hope and Change”. Real “Hope and Change and NOT just a campaign slogan to get voters to cast their vote for a Democrat. Yet with guaranteed rights and privileges, so many Americans don’t believe that as Ronald Reagan described, “America is that beacon of light on the hill”. Its light shines not just for Americans but for every individual regardless of their country of origin as a dramatic symbol of what truly is possible for FREE people. For 216 years, America has been the symbol of democracy and capitalism.

The birth right of every American is opportunity and choice,  NOT “free stuff”. Become a citizen and within an instant you are guaranteed those same rights and opportunities “ unalienable rights and LIFE LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS.

Is the United States perfect? Has it done things that in 2017 and throughout its history it is ashamed that ever happened? Has America attempted to rectify its mistakes? Does the United States still offer “Hope and Change” for millions upon millions of the world’s citizens to live better lives and have a chance to allow their children to live free, safe and secure? Is there a flood of American citizens migrating to other countries they believe will make them safer, securer and freer?

If you answered the above questions honestly, there can be no doubt in your mind that America is a very special place and each of its citizens are so privileged to be a part of such an experiment in freedom.  Americans regardless of how dissatisfied with the country are not leaving by the plane loads.

Where I become so confused, bewildered and shocked is that so many Americans have such a negative opinion of America and what it stands for. To listen to them, one would think that America is a totalitarian, racist, imperialistic, exploiting and self-centered country that is simply out to take advantage not only its citizens but, also, every other person populating the planet.

Further, politicians, talking heads and the elite class constantly bemoan the inhumanity of America. Listen to them and/or read their words and it is very apparent that America is racist, gender discriminates, shows no respect for ethnicity and where any and every “ism” is practiced religiously from California to New York and from North Dakota to Texas by too many Americans and specifically by the government.

Responsibility and accountability seem to be disappearing, as did the dinosaurs millions of years ago. Today, it is very clear that blame, denial and excuses are the guiding words of far too many individuals. Why do so many Americans grab hold and hold tight to their breast “VICTIMHOOD”? They wear proudly the badge of “It’s NOT my fault”.

Couple a lack of responsibility and accountability with victimhood and a blueprint for disaster not just for the individual but the entire society is present. The deeper embedded VICTIMHOOD becomes sewn into the fabric of society, and it becomes harder to get it unstitched.

What makes the calamity before us even more dangerous is that far too many Americans and even those in power and having influence seem to have a very limited understanding or even knowledge of history and civics. How is it possible to move forward without knowing where you came from and how everything works?

Albert Einstein eloquently wrote that engaging in the same behavior over and over again, each and every time expecting a different result but continuing to get the same result is INSANE.

The “low information” individual is becoming the NORM and not an aberration.

Take a moment and let those words permeate about you. Their truth is startling and borders on horrific as they continue to dominate those avenues of information including the government.

What are the results of dependence? Do they promote self-sufficiency and the desire to become successful? Does handing out of free stuff promote within the individual receiving that free stuff the need to break away and become independent? Does dependency and receiving free stuff present a positive role model to youngsters?

Don’t become confused, bewildered and even shocked. Take hold of your destiny. Make those important CHOICES that will lead to good things happening for you. Be bold, creative and industrious.

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