“Enough is Enough”

What got Donald Trump elected? 1) Hillary Clinton was an awful candidate who claimed that half the population were “deplorables” 2) Donald Trump ran as the OUTSIDER and non-politican 3) Donald Trump was NOT Politically Correct 4) Donald Trump spoke out loud what a large percentage of Americans were thinking 5) Donald Trump wanted to Make America Great Again and make Americans proud of their country 6) Donald Trump took on the Media and called them out.

Once elected, President Trump continued speaking and acting as he did as candidate Trump. Once again, a large percentage of Americans continued to applaud him and support him.

The Mainstream Media better called the Praetorian Guard Media (Mark Levin) just cannot let go of their constant 24/7 attack on President Trump. The President condemns the Biased, Myopic and Delusional Media as #FakeNews. The Media goes ballistic and doubles down offering the President even more ammunition that his supports love. The Democrat Party falls into the same trap and Stupid after Stupid comments, commentaries and outrages flow freely from their mouths and pens allowing the spin cycle to just keep on going just like the Energizer Bunny.

What is Presidential? George Bush exemplifies Presidential. Yet with his stance atop of the hill of dignity, he was pummeled for his entire 8 years and NEVER fought back. The Media Lied, Deceived and Misinformed to the point that the Citizenry bought hook, line and sinker into the anti-Bush onslaught.

There is a war, non-violent, going on in America lead by the Progressive Democrat Party where its foundation is based on Obama’s infamous statement just before his Inauguration to “fundamentally transform America”. The Progressive movement within the USA is cemented within the “Iron Triangle” (Dan Bongino) of Academia, Media and Hollywood daily aid the Democrats.

Donald Trump seems to understand that there is a War and he is not afraid to call the Left out in the Donald Trump fashion. Donald Trump is Donald Trump. This fact seems to stifle the Left into a frantic state much like a chicken with its head cut off.

Americans have become tired of “White Privilege”, Nazi, Racist, Sexist, any and all “ism”/”phobias and the current#TakeaKnee. They simply want to be left alone to do their “thing” without being labeled a this or that.

The entertainment industry comprised of Hollywood and sports have come to believe that their “real” job is to constantly lecture their audience on what they know is BEST for everyone else. Fans pay to see these folks entertain and not lecture. To date, entertainment is tone deaf.

Donald Trump is the champion for millions upon millions of folks who through him have said, “Enough is enough”.

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