Does Planned Parenthood have a history?  The answer is obvious.  Of course it does.  Are YOU aware of that history and the individual who founded the organization?

The founder of Planned Parenthood was Margret Sanger who was a Racist and eugenicist.  Her original organization was called the American Birth Control League.  Its purpose to NOT allow the weak, the mentally disadvantaged and criminal to breed and, therefore pollute the what she and her group believed was “normal”.
Who were Sanger’s closest lieutenants: “Clarence Gamble, who funded Sanger’s projects and spoke at her conferences, and Lathrop Stoddard, who published in Sanger’s magazines and served on her board of the American Birth Control League–the forerunner of planned Parenthood.  Stoddard was the bestselling author or a notorious tract, The rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy, that portrayed the pristine Nordic race being swamped through immigration and interracial marriage by desperate hordes from other lss races.  Both Lathrop and Gamblebecame avid Nazi sympathizers who sought to import Nazi sterilization programs in their full magnitude to America”.  (the BIG LIE?Dinesh D’Souza).
Does the apple fall far from the tree?  With roots like what is describe above, how can Planned Parenthood founded on Ms. Sanger’s principals and ideas be the pristine organization it claims to be?  Do the videos by James O’Keefe not tell a very different story from the people who work for Planned Parenthood?
The Progressive Movement, the Democrat party, the Mainstream Media or better called the Praetorian Guard Media (Mark Levin along with the other member of the “iron Triangle, Hollywood and Academia (Dan Bongino) are avid supporters and total deniers towhead Planned Parenthood  is and what pretends to be.
Knowledge is power and through knowledge, an individual can make an informed decision/choice.
The BIG question is:  Can the Left/Progressive be Trusted to tell the Truth?  In determining the answer, it is vitally important to understand the the IDEOLOGY is the”true believers” and fellow travelers RELIGION.  They are enslaved by it and believe that through its Utopian vision they and they alone can and will create Paradise on Earth where they have the power and control to make decisions/choices for everyone else.
A read of George Orwell’s outstanding good 1984 clearly shows what happens when government becomes BIG BIGGER and BIGGEST government and arises BIG Brother.
Again, Knowledge is power and opens the gates of “Light”.  One of the things the Left/Progressive does not want is the “light” to be showered upon them and their myopic and often times delusional ideas.

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