Facts and Data have relevancy

During the Presiential campaign and into his Presidency, DonaldTrump has been called a RACIST, hates Minorities, is a White Supremacist, Alt-Right, a Fascis tand ever other “ism” that he Progressive can imagine.  The name calling is on a 24/7 cycle.  But Reality demonstrates a very different picture.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has just released data showing that under President Trump’s near year watch that unemployment numbers for Blacks as dropped and as they have for Hispanics.  The overall unemployment number has also fallen on Mr. Trump handling of the economy.
Further, ECONOMIC growth has cleared the 3% mark which NEVER occurred under Obama.  
Once again, the Progressive is incapable of recognizing Reality and consistently engages in Lies, Deceit and Misinformation.  They are the everything NEGATIVE.  The Democratic Party have become a party of zero ideas and failed solutions to problems that through their watch continue to FAIL.
Now with TAX cuts soon to be a reality, the Economy can continue to climb where growth increases and unemployment decreases.
Like Mr. Trump or hate him, he does deserve credit when he is doing the RIGHT thing that benefits America and her citizenry.

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