Fake News

The current flavor cuddled by the Left to explain their ineptitude is FAKE NEWS. What is Fake News? Fake news websites publish hoaxes, propaganda, and disinformation to drive web traffic inflamed by social media.[3][4][5] These sites are distinguished from news satire, as they mislead and profit from readers’ gullibility.[4] Such sites promoted falsehoods concerning politics (Wikipedia).

As the Left confronts Reality and it disrupts their Alternative Reality, they as a Collective throw a temper tantrum. They cannot allow their vision of a Utopian Paradise on Earth to crumble. The cannot allow their opposition, the Right, to gain even an ounce of ground. They cannot allow the real to erode their pretend make-believe fantasy.

Fake News, that which is made up to explain something that the user finds inexplicable but has no logical and/or rational explanation. The Facts and Truth are disregarded if they don’t fit the Left’s delusional paradigm.

Both sides of the political spectrum put out lies , deceits and layer disinformation as Fact and the Truth. The major Networks had two of their premier stars leave their positions in disgrace because of phony News stories. Dan Rather for pushing a totally inaccurate story before the election of George W Bush and Brian Williams lying and pushing false reports on far too many stories and even including stories about himself.

Facts and the Truth especially to the Left only have meaning if it supports their narrative. Their IDEOLOGY is their be all end all and as a consequence, everything MUST fall in line with it.

Hillary Clinton lost and that could not be accepted. There had to be a more nefarious reason pointing back toward the Right. It is NEVER the fault of the Left. They have a propensity to ignore that which goes against them, does not fit into worldview and/or limits their ability to spread their false message.

George Orwell masterfully created 1984 where language was used to aid in their overall deception. Meaning of words was defined by those in control. Changed were at their whim. Reality was their making. The

One final thought regarding Fake News. Who ultimately is responsible? Yes, the writer and distributor of the MAKE-believe need their feet held to the fires of dishonesty. Those that spread the lies/lies also deserve a seat at the table of falsehoods. But, do NOT forget the consumer. The individual listening to or reading about whatever has a major RESPONSIBILITY to verify.

Reliance without any type of verification is unexceptional falls back on the individual. Within that individual is a necessary need to believe that the story is true and, therefore, no need to authenticate.

Due to an over extension of ENABLING individuals and a corrupt desire to create VICTIMS, Fake News becomes Real News.

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