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I find it hard to believe that you, Mr. Goldberg, wrote the following without laughing out laid and knowing it was far from the TRUTH:  “As with so many things, this president is just plain wrong. Journalists have biases; they make mistakes; sometimes they’re sloppy; and worst of all, sometimes they have a political agenda.  But fabricating stories that they know are not true, inventing fake news sources: that is so rare as to be virtually nonexistent”.

Below, I have a number of examples of FAKENEWS:

1) Newsweek’s Flushing The Koran Story

2) Rathergate
3) NBC And CNN Lying About The George Zimmerman Tape
4) NBC’s Phony Exploding GM Truck:
5) The Jayson Blair Scandal At The New York Times
6) The Rolling Stone Rape Story
7) Hands Up, Don’t Shoot
The Mainstream Media better called the Praetorian Guard Media (Mark Levin) is a internal part of the “Iron Triangle” (Dan Bongino) that also includes Hollywood and Academia.  The all act toward promoting and protecting the Democrat party and their IDEOLOGY.  The IDEOLOGY believes that their Utopian vision can and will create Paradise on Earth.  In complete lockstep these IDEOLOGUES see their END as justifying any and all MEANS necessary to achieve their Goal.
All three are completely out of the closet and act as a PR Firm/Superpac for the Democrat Party.  They are at WAR with their opposition and see that opposition as EVIL.  Therefore, the EVIL must be destroyed regardless of the consequences both intended and unintended.
The Praetorian Guard Media controlling both the TV airwaves and the major papers of record are own their personal Jihad aganist Conservatism and President Trump.  They will share FakeNews in an attempt to discredit the President.  Further, they Lie, Deceive and Misinform at an almost daily basis.  The other strategy they use is to NOT report or limit the airtime or number of words of an important story.
Biased, no question.  Disingenuous, no question.  Liars, no question.  Fabricators, no question.
In my opinion, the BIGGEST FakeNews story of the last year was the Trump/Russian collusion.  To date after countless hours of TV time and article after article written by the NYT, WaPo and others claiming that Donald Trump campaigner, winner of the 2016 election and President was in collusion with the Russians.  The hysteria from the Media and the Democrats in Congress forced the Department of Justice to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate.  Former FBI Director, Mr. Mueller, was appointed to head the investigation and form a team of lawyers to aide him.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of 16 layers, all Democrats and many Hillary supporters and funders joined the Mueller Team.  Fair and Balanced?, I think not.
Currently, a load of factual information was seen the light of day that clearly indicates that there was NO Trump/Russian collusion but, rather Obama, Hillary and DNC/Russian collusion.  What is further interesting is that the Media is pending almost ZERO time in reporting the story and its potential.  Omission, surely.
Maybe, just Maybe Mr. Goldberg needs to leaves his bubble and re-enter the Real world???
I should clearly state that I was not a supporter of Donald Trump but at election time did vote for him.  It was a no brainer.  Hillary Clinton would have been a third Obama term and coupled with out dishonesty, lying and deceit would have created a head on train wreck for America.
I do not trust the Media.  They demonstrate daily that their Progressive agenda drives their reporting and lack there of.

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