The clean hard FACT is that the Progressive only ONLY cares about one thing and that one thing is their myopic delusional IDEOLOGY where only through them can a Paradise on Earth be created for everyone else.  Yet, these definers of HYPOCRISY are the Barbarians at the Gate.  Unfortunately, they have weaseled their way into our homes, infest Hollywood, pretend to be objective journalists and populate the Academia in far too many numbers.

We have as a Society elevated these individuals to the equivalent of an elite ELITE class that we need to worship though they are false pretend idols.  Money and fame have risen their egos to the stratosphere and they have come to believe that they are entitled to be “whatever” simply because of a skill or talent they possess.

The EVIL is that they grow through the Collective they exploit bad behavior as normal which they then consider their due because of their “specialness”.

They then come to believe because of their status and “specialness” that they can and should lecture everyone else on have to behave and act, while at the same time they with no conscious do the exact opposite of what they preach to everyone else.

These phonies are finally having the light of day exposed upon them and are beginning to burn right in front of our eyes.

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