Fascism a throw away term

The Left in their complete state of DENIAL resulting from their total inability to accept that Donald Trump won the Presidential election of 2016 LEGALLY, have found name calling to be their best weapon of Choice.  This then allows them to throw out the FASCIST card.  Further, the Left either has ignored the history of Fascism/Naziism or them simply do NOT understand it.

The Left/Progressivism has become the”Little Boy who Cried Wolf”.  Trump Derangement Syndrome has paralyzed Themto completely deny Reality and create an AlternativeReality that acts like an echo chamber reinforcing their their myopic and delusional IDEOLOGY.
What follows is a list of quotes comparing DonaldTrump to FASCISM/NAZISM:
1.   Chris Hedges: “{resident Trump is “the dress rehearsal for fascism”
2.   Ben Cohen Trump is “the beginning of a fascist stat”
3.   Deepak Malhortam Trump represents “the specter of homegrown fascism”
4.   Andrew Sullivan proclaims that Trump has “destroyed the Republican Party and created what looks  
      like a neofascist party in its place”
5.   Arron Weinberg Trump is Pushing “the slow crawl of Hitler’s fascism”
6.   Fedga Buric states that “Tump’s not Hitler, he’s Mussolini”
7.   Rachel Maddow writes “I’ve been reading a lot about what it was like  when Hitler first became 
      chancellor…because I think that’s possibly where are”
8.   Juan Cole summary of the election where “…we went fascist”
9.   Ken Burns described Trump as “fascistic” and “Hitleresque”
10. Sensor Taylor says of Trump that “He’s more dangerous than Hitler ever could have been”
11. Kali Holloway, “Trump is an eerily perfect match with famous 14point guide to identify fascist leaders”
11.  Martin O’Malley claims that has a “fascist appeal right into the White House”
12. Senator Sanders igniting the flames of hate of Trump says “a lunatic…stirring up racial     
      hatred…history’s worst authoritarian”
13. Senator Warren Trump posses a “serious threat”
Foreign leaders notmwanting tone left out of the discussion of Trump = Fascist:
1.   Dennis Skinner walking “hand in hand” with a fascist
2.   Tom Mulcair equates the travel ban to Trump being a fascist
3.   Vicente Foz stating Trump speech to the Rep Convention “of Hitler addressing the Nazi Party”
RINO WHIG Democrat Lite Republicans
1.   Meg Whitman compares Trump to Hitler and Mussolini
2.   Christine Todd Whitman references Trump campaign slogans, “This is the kind of rhetoric that 
      allowed Hitler to move forward”
3.   Ross Dothan Tump “proto-fascist”
4.   Robert Kagan, “This is how fascism comes to America”
5.   John McCain uses Trump criticism of Media to infer that is how dictators of the 20th Century got 
1.   Timothy Snyder, “In my world, whereI come from, it’s the 1930s”
2.   Ian Kershaw, “Parallels to the dark period between the two world wars are not to be overlooked”
3.   Ron Rosenbaum explains Tump’s rise to power with “views coming out of the playbook written in 
      German” (Mein Kampf)
4.   Jack McNeill grades Tump on “the 11 attributes of fascism”
This list is comprised of “supposed” intelligent and knowledgable individuals.  Yet, the absurdity of their statement with zero FACTS or any reliable evidence points just how INSANE (harsh but true) the Trump Derangement Syndrome drives individuals to like lemmings ruling both sea to “jump the shark” and fly off to the Twilight Zone and the Outer Limits of any and all rationale thought.
Fear is a very strong emotion.  It easily generates Guilt and Worry and then results in DENIAL.  DENIAL then allows for the individual to reject Reality and create their very own Alternative Reality.  The Left’s Alternative Reality is a Collective where it builds a universal echo chamber, thereby, reinforcing the absurd and ridiculous.  In lockstep the “true believers” and fellow travelers are enslaved to a myopic and delusional IDEOLOGY that promises to create a Utopian vision of Paradise on Earth where they the Collective will be the guardians of everyone else.

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