First, sit in the chair

Just finished the 6th Season of 24.  Toward the end of the final 2 hours, the VP played by Power Booth makes a TRUISM that far too many people simply do not understand.  He takes over for the President who is in a coma.  Crisis after crisis befalls the country and he is constantly making decisions that have an effect not just on himself but the entire country and the world.  Choices MUST be made and made quickly.  The VP comes to a startling revelation.  He explains to his Chief-of-Staff that no one can understand the office of President and the enormous responsibilities it demands until they have sat in the President’s chair.

Donald Trump has been President since January 20, 2017 and the attacks are almost exclusively personal that have been targeted at him on a daily basis.  Yes, there are concerns about his policy decisions but even those quickly become personal.  Not only do these personal attacks come from the opposition Party but also from the Media and Academia.
On a clearer examination of the “Against Trump” attacks is a deep seated HATRED for Donald Trump.  Those against him rarely attack the President on  substantive issues but, rather, love to pull out the Racist, Sexist, Hitler-like and any “ism” or Phobia” the comes to mind.
Such child like behavior does not further a dialogue. Those against the President are not interested in finding “common ground”.  Their idea of “common ground” is for the President to agree 100% with them or simply go away.
24 was spot on.  The Chuck Schemers, Nancy Pelosis, Mainstream Media and the Talking Heads are not interested in a dialogue.  They are on full throttle attack mode.  They have become enslaved by their delusional IDEOLOGY that demands lockstep obedience with NO exceptions.
They are at WAR with their opposition because they see them and especially the President as EVIL.  Evil must be destroyed regardless of the consequences both intended and unintended.
The mean-spirited attacks are not only an attack  the President Trump but on every individual who voted for him or who nosupports him.  Perfect, by no means.  There are no perfect Human Beings.  We all have our faults.
Again, can any other individual with the exception of ex-President fathom the depth of the Presidency?  Yes, on an intellectual level but that is only second guessing.
The office of President deserves respect.  The Democrats and the other anti-Trump people have forgotten that simple truth.  Damaging the office, thereby, the President, does not unify and lead to “common ground”.
The “Iron Triangle” composed of  the Media (Praetorian Guard), Hollywood and Academia (Dan Bongino) are in collusion with the Democrat Party.  They are ALL on a Jihad to bring down Donald Trump with zero concern about how their attempt is eating away at the very fabric of America.
The rot from within is having a a very negative effect on Americanism.
A divided nation is on a path to destruction.  The madness needs to stop.

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