Freedom or Manipulation?…You Decide

What is the GOAL of the Left????????

Five days away from his inauguration ceremony, Barak Obama said the following to his audience, “We are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming The United States of America”.  Couple the above statement with the campaign slogan that was front and center throughout the 2008 election cycle, “HOPE and CHANGE” and the 2012 slogan of “Forward”.

There can be no question that Barak Obama is multi-talented as an orator.  He is clear, precise and charismatic in his delivery, and with the talent of connecting emotionally with his audience.  In addition, he has the ability, as did former President Bill Clinton to emotionally connect with his audience even when speaking to a camera.  These two politicians conveyed to each and every member of their audience that they felt their PAIN and could help them alleviate it.  Their message is spoken over and over again, always given when they have been asked a question, and find added support from the News Media.

Some immediate questions that arise: Did this ability translate into help of any sort for those that believed?  Did their words translate into actions?  Were they consistent?  Or were they simply just good orators who just “reacted” to every person, place or thing?

Both men won re-election, a feat not accomplished by a Democrat since FDR.  Truman, Johnson and Carter were only one-term Presidents.

Bill Clinton was a politician who understood compromise.  President Obama does NOT seem to have that talent in his arsenal.

Were either former President Clinton or President Obama Liberals?  Yes, they were both products of the Left, but can the traditional label of Liberal as applied to JFK, Harry Truman and earlier Democrats still have meaning in 2014’s political climate?

Prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the demise of the Soviet Union, a Liberal meant an anti-communist, individual rights and smaller government with a reasonable tax structure.

Those benchmarks do NOT apply in the 21st Century.  Instead, the Left now referred to as Progressives believes in LARGE government, over abundance of regulations, increasing the tax rate on creators (small business, as well as, the corporations and 1%ers.  They side with the collective over individual rights.  They believe that “It Takes a Village” to get anything done.

The Progressive has become the cheerleader for the Under-privileged, Minorities, Women, Gays and a host of “ISMS”.  They are the people who truly care about, have compassion for and will lead the masses to the “promised land”.

Unfortunately, their actions, what they actually do and not just their words of caring and compassion, tell a much different story.

50 years and in some cases almost a century of running major metropolitan cities where they hold positions of the Mayor, Board of Supervisor members, Superintendent of Education and Police Chief.

Look no further than Detroit that in 1961 was a model of excellence and today, 2014, bankrupt and in utter chaos with over half the population fleeing and upwards of 40%+ on some type of welfare program.

The Great Society of the LBJ administration had passed legislation that created a War on Poverty.  In 40+ years and a price tag of $22,000,000,000,000, the rate of Poverty remains the same.  In 2014, there are about 92 Programs servicing the poor at an average cost per benefit of $9000.  Dollars spent per student can run as high as $22,000 per child.  In Washington DC where cost per student runs that high and it still has one of the worst graduation rates and scores in Language Arts, Math and Science in the country.  Look at Chicago with a Democratic Mayor, a Board predominately Left and a Democratic Police Chief where crime and chaos is rampant, out of control and hazardous to the average citizen especially Minorities.

They all speak the “right” words but the results are disastrous for the average citizen and especially minorities.  Yet, the Left politician continues to get re-elected and nothing changes.  Why??????????????????????

President Obama has spent nearly six years saying the “right” things, showing with his rhetoric caring and compassion, but nothing changes for those that need the most help.

OK, they get government benefits which just makes them more DEPENDENT on the government for their basics.  They become cemented in place with nowhere to go.  Yet, these people continue to vote in the same people who in reality do NOTHING for them but offer more and more “freebees”.

It has become an unbroken cycle.


David Horowitz, a leading conservative thinker and writer who in the 1960s was at the forefront of the New Left movement, sums up this problem and answers the question WHY dead on, “Don’t telegraph your goals; infiltrate…and subvert…;treat moral principals as dispensable fictions; and never forget that your political agenda is not the achievement of this or that reform but political power to achieve the socialist goal.  The issue is never the issue.  The issue is always power-how to wring power out of the democratic process, how to turn the political process into an instrument of control, how to use the control to fundamentally transform the United States of America, which is exactly what Barak Obama, on the eve of his election, warned he would do.”

Horowitz then clearly explains President Obama and his purpose stating, “Obama doesn’t identify with his country.  He sees himself as a “citizen of the world’ and a redresser of the suffering he imagines America has inflicted on its adversaries.  If America is the cause of international problems, then weakening America is both progressive and good.”

Freedom or Manipulation?…Your Choice

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