A recent nationwide poll just released found that 51%, over half, of college students believe that is acceptable and justified to shout down speakers who they believe  the words are hurtful.  19% believe that VIOLENCE is justified.

Do these higher education students have ANY understanding of the purpose and intent of the 1st Amendment?  Further, do they not understand that their position is TOTALITARIAN?
The attack of the 1st Amendment does not stop the college campus door.  The overall Political Correct Left the protectors the Feelings extends to TV.  Leftists/Progressive groups target Programs where Conservatives present very different views from theirs.  Contacting advertisers and attempting to persuade them to withdraw their dollars from said programs has become their modus operandi.
Control speech and the language is George Orwell’s 1984.  Creating BIG Brother is not an answer nor does it promote FREEDOM.  The Progressive Movement is NOT interested in Freedom.  They want larger and BIGGER government to gain more control and power over everyone else.
David Horowitz at summed it up exactly where his banner headline reads, INSIDE EVERY PROGRESSIVE IS A TOTALITARIAN SCREAMING TO GET OUT.
The very foundations of America, the Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, Individualism, Family, Religion and VIRTUE are constantly under attack to promote the Utopian vision of creating Paradise on Earth in the model of a myopic and delusion IDEOLOGY.
The Progressive has mastered Projection and Transference.  They can ONLY see their righteousness as nobel and any opposition is immediately deemed EVIL.  The EVIL must be destroyed regardless of the consequences both intended and unintended.
It is always the IDEOLOGY, Stupid.

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