Gallery Page

The Gallery Pages through pictures shows you what is available on  The gallery pages are broken down into three categories that include:

1. Clothing and Stuff

2. Art

3. Poetry

On each Page YOU will find specific items:  Art,  Clothing, Poems along with Pricing plus sizes & color where applicable.

All Art is unframed.  Price will range from $50.00 up to $500.00

Clothing will come in ALL sizes plus Toddlers .  Colors range from White, Red, Blue and Grey.  T-Shirts are $20.00. Sleeveless T-Shirts are $20.00.   Crew neck Sweatshirts are $25.00.  Hoodies are $30.00.  Backpacks are $15.00.

Poems with watercolor abstract background:  Unframed $10.00 (8×10) and Framed $15.00 or printed on paper just $5.00