Geoff’s Thoughts #21

A win-win for Everybody

Here is a positive thought (not mine) that the Climate Change “believers” incorporate a SOLUTION that would bring onboard to their cause lots of NEW followers.  FIND a solution that does not involve government and won’t change the “believed” Climate Change mantra.
 BIG corporations like Apple, Google, Facebook and others who are strong supporters should be encouraged to invest their own dollars into research that will result in a SOLUTION and bring back a PROFIT for them.  It would be a win-win for EVERYBODY.
The Greatest threat to Man
John Kerry the former 2nd Obama Secretary of State personifies that STUPID is STUPID.

The following is Kerry’s response to the President’s 90-day travel ban and the recent terror in England:  “But we do need to do, and we do, extraordinary screening, but a great deal more effort has to go into the building of community, the reaching out and working with these entities, with these sectors of society so that there is not as significant a gap as there is in many parts of the world. The bottom line is, that in too many places in too many parts of the world, you’ve got a large gap between governance and people, and between the opportunities those people have.”
“This is the same problem of people living in isolation and not feeling as if they have a sufficient stake in society in their world that life is worth living.”
The West including the USA has taken the Kerry approach and the results have been a disaster with more killings and destruction.  The Islamo-Fascists are on a worldwide Jihad of terror to help them create a Caliphate.
Outreach, kindness, jobs and community will NOT stop the slaughter of innocents.  Yet, the delusional IDEOLOGY of the Left as represented by Kerry ignores Reality and pursues a course of action that is a total dead end.
The Left pretends to care and demonstrate compassion but are, in fact, ENABLERS to the massacres that occur all to frequently in Europe and America.
The Barbarians at the Gate have entered  freely into western civilization and the West in a state of pure STUPIDITY has allowed itself to become corrupted into acceptance of their own demise.
It should not be forgotten that Kerry stated with conviction just how ignorant he is and, in turn, how stupid he thinks Americans are when he utter his belief that Climate Change was the GREATEST threat to Man.
Up Next?
Two OPPORTUNITIES have been lost by the Trump administration: 1) Repeal & Replace Obamacare 2) move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  Up next is the BUDGET.

The President has once again an OPPORTUNITY to do the “right” thing and send a message to the Congress.  Cut SPENDING and Reduce TAXES..  The Democrats will do their stick and the leaderless and spineless RINO WHIGS will what is necessary to “get along to belong”.
Definition of Victimhood
WHY is it that when a celebrity or politician gets caught doing the unspeakable that they immediately go to the MIC and confess their sin with contrition.  But the Reality is very clear.  Had they NOT been caught or exposed, NO apology would be forthcoming, period.

Give the Left credit for they turned a disaster in the moments definition of Victimhood.
Where is th Justice?
The Climate Change crowd at the heart of their movement are ANTI-GROWTH which translates to ANTI-CAPITALISTS.  Yes, thee are the Gore types who use the movement to make multi-million of dollars personally and that translates to Crony Capitalism which rewards specific Corporations and punishes others.

It is interesting falling to the side of anti-science that the Climate Change scientists have come to the conclusion that there can be NO denying that man-made Climate Change is FACT and cannot be disputed.  Those heretics who claim otherwise are deniers.
Does it make a difference to the Climate Change American crowd that the Paris Climate Agreement would cost their country hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars and cost American workers the loss of MILLIONS of jobs?  Then the icing on the cake would be that America would REDISTRIBUTE taxpayer dollars to fund other countries economic drive.  The result could be transforming America into a Third World country.
Another Agenda
The crony Capitalists took a major hit when President Trump let the world know that America was pulling out of one Obama signature issues, Climate Change.  The Paris Climate Agreement will not see the USA sitting at the table with the Crony Capitalist/Socialist CEOs.  Elon Musk in his overall disbelief that the President would do such a terrible thing withdrew from the Economic Council.

It should be noted that Mr. Musk received taxpayer funded subsides to help with his solar companies in the tune of $1,500,000,000.  After watching his company show a 12% increase in its stock price who the Obama administration signed on to the agreement in 2012.  Could there possibly be other motivates driving the Musk agenda then Climate Change?
Is the Paris Climate Change Agreement in the BEST interests of the United Staes?  The cold hard FACTS: 1) cost $3,000,000,000,000 2) jobs lost in the millions 3) former EPA administrator admits that the agreement show USA leadership but would do LITTLE to reduce emissions.
Finally, feeling left out of the spotlight former President Barak Obama said, “The nations that remain in the Paris Agreement will be the nations that reap the benefits in jobs and industries created,” Obama said. “But even in the absence of American leadership; even as this Administration joins a small handful of nations that reject the future; I’m confident that our states, cities, and businesses will step up and do even more to lead the way …”

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