Geoff’s Thoughts #22


In 2006, the National Debt was only $8.6 TRILLION.  Today, just 11 years later, the National Debt is close to $20 TRILLION.  This year, Revenue will bring in $3.4 TRILLION while Spending will expand to $3.96 TRILLION.  That results in an additional $500 added to the National Debt.

Where are the fiscally responsible Congresspeople?
Unfortunately, for the Democrats and their supporters the REAL problem facing Americans and the world is Climate Change and the President’s pull out of the Paris Climate Accords.  The clarion call from every mountain top according to Al Gore and John Kerry is that we are doomed, DOOMED.
In a Morally Relevant universe, ONLY the State through its abundance of caring, compassion and hope can cleanse the soul of Mankind from evil.
The Problem?
Is there a Islamo-Fascist problem with regards to their opinion of Jews?  Also, is Sharia compatible with the West’s legal system?

When an immigrant comes to their final destination whether is Europe or the United States, they bring not only themselves but their Culture.  If the host country is NOT going to assimilate the newcomer to the tradition, values and beliefs of the ghost then only accommodation will take place.  At a rate of 100,000 Muslims coming to America each year, the outcome will soon mirror Europe.
Another interesting yet alarming fact is that Arabic is the latest growing language on college Campuses. 
A Solution?
The House are elected every 2 years and 1/3 of the Senate is up for re-election every two years for a 6 year term.  The current Congress has WORKED a little over 50% of the time to date since being sworn into office.  The House has a total of 84 days and the Senate 82 days.  These men and women receive over $1000,000 in salary.  The BIG question is for WHAT?

The current Congress has done NOTHING, ZERO.  NO major legislation has been passed.  
The Repeal and Replace of Obamacare is still in place and many insurance companies are jumping ship.
The Wall, what Wall.
A solution to Immigration is more of the same old. 

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