Geoff’sThoughts #6

Let’s celebrate
The Left must be celebrating for they are winning the hearts and what is left of the “minds” of the young.

Political Correctness, Multi-Culturalism, Social Justice along with micro-aggression, trigger-w awnings and safe-spaces are all reality to the young. They have become so brainwashed that they are afraid to step out of their comfort zone. A mere inoffensive word all by its lonesome can turn an able bodies 20 year old into a puddle of mush.

How will such enabled people ever lead, embrace change or just take control of their own destiny?

Truth vs. Lying
A clash of two opposing armies is in full blown mode. There are those. Who were against the Iraq War before they were against and now are again against it. Lining up on the other side of the valley of conflict a the numbers faction that United to end Saddam’s tyrannical regime. Those that supported the UN Resolution and believed Iraq had to pay a price for its continued defiance. The WMD group. It’s the “right thing to do” crowd. And finally, the importers of democracy believers.

These two armies as divergent as they are, do have one thing in COMMON. This commonness is lethal and effects and affects every segment of American society. This common thread running through all these groups allows each of them to feel that RIGHT is on their side. It makes them “true believers”. It makes them dangerous. It makes them unreliable. It makes them unstable at times. It makes them mischievous.  

The common thread is they ALL believe in Lying, Deceiving and Misinforming. No one today pays any kind of price for LYING. LYING is the new Truth. Tell a lie, tell it over and over again and eventually it become truth. Thank you Propoganda Minister Mr. Gobbels.

Education vs. Indoctrination

Three loud cheers for PUBLIC, government, Schools. K-12, unfortunately at the expense of student learning, believes that indoctrination is far more valuable than educating students to apply reasoning logic and Common Sense.  

The Democrat Party’s two candidates to date are Hillary Clinton, a KLEPTOCRAT that is a habitual liar, deceiver and misinformed. Next on the list of I CAN’t BELIEVE IT is Senator Bernie Sanders a devout Democratic Socialist (oxymoron) who never saw a penny he didn’t want the Government to spend and then find more. Even supporters of the Senator can not define what Socialism is along with the Chairwoman of the Democrat Party. Also, don’t forget hiding in the shadows is Barak Obama’s number one sycophant, VP Joe Biden who never has utter a sentence or more that hasn’t shown just how ignorant he actually is with all due respect to his office.

The cost of education increases, students major in dead end fields that are only propaganda centers and offer no careers for them other than supporting Leftist causes. K-12 is becoming all about Leftist causes taught by Leftist to recruit more Leftists.

The one BIG idea that Donald a Trump has that is a Grand Slam is the the American people need to take back America and wash its hands of the continuous Leftist dirt.

Hillary’s World
To the point, NO the country can not afford 4 to 8 years of Obama like politics that, in fact, cause division turmoil and the creepy crawly tentacles of Leftism/Progressivism.
Ms. Clinton with all due respect is an empty pantsuit covering herself in a shawl of VICTIMHOOD where her World is an Alternative Reality of like minded IDEOLOGICAL Utopians who’s see ONLY their personal needs and wants as important and, therefore, their elitism is best used directing others on how to live their lives through the Collective, BIG Government and Crony Capitalism. It is always in the Alternative Reality for the knaves to do as It say and never as I do.

 Different this Time?
The question is simple. For nearly 8 years Americans voted twice for a Man who offered one promise after another, used the English language through manipulation and falsehoods and, in fact, committed to only one promise and was the “fundamental transformation of America”. Not just America but the entire world has become since his Inaguration a very different place where America is no longer the role model for excellence, Exceptionalism, and leadership for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  

So ask yourself, “Do we want to once again jump into the fire of ignorance based solely on our emotional feelings without thinking through the consequences of such a an action?

America is to great a nation and its citizens too wise to repeat the same mistake once again and believe that this time it will be different. Einstein defined insanity by believing that incorrect assumption.

The next Messiah?
The Senator from Vermont only knows THEORY when it comes to Economics and how Marx thought about it. The Senator does NOT understand the practical application of theory and how one then joins the theory to fit with the Reality.

Senator Sanders like all Leftist live in an Alternative Reality that promotes the Utopian vision allowing Political Correctness, Multi-Culturalism and Social Justice to be the jury and judge. The ENDS always justify the MEANS and any MEANS are sanctioned as long as the ENDS are reached. The consequences both intended and unintended are never considered. The damage done is always the fault of those who resist the Utopian vision.

Show that you are a CARING and COMPASSIONATE champion of the people and your entry is free. Learn with the skill necessary to Lie, Deceive and Misinform and adulation so will rain down upon you. Indoctrinate and don’t teach and you will be called a master teacher.promote the Collective and, at the same time, discourage the Individual and you will be hail a Saviour. Spend other people’s money and you will be thought as a an architect of hope.

Senator Sanders, Hillary Clinton and DonLd Trump are symptoms if a society that is placing its power, it hope and its fate into the hands of MORTALS.
 Appeasement does not work
 Excellent Common Sense article backed with Facts. Does Man ever Lear from HISTORY. BURYING ONE’s head in the sand, using blam, denial and excuses. Does NOT make problems go away. Appeasement does not work. Let me repeat that, APPEASEMENT DOES NOT WORK. It only emboldens others to become even more bullying and constantly looking for prey to pounce upon.

An incompetent far over his head naraccistic ONLY has one true ability and that is to promote himself. He surrounds himself with sycophants whose vocabulary knows but one word, YES.

NERO fiddled as Rome burns and like Neto Mr. Obama talks and talks while the world. Burns

The MAGIC hat
First, Mr. Trump is self-asserted manner blames former President George W Bush for 9/11. Not getting enough traction, he jumps to the Saudis and finger points at them. Does this remind you of another individual who hS perfected this technique?

Mr. Trump seems to have a magic hat where daily he reaches deep inside and pulls out his culprit of the day.  

What is so hard to process is that the United States according to the current Pope is heartless, lacks any God given compassion, is a greedy country and glorifies dollars more much more than people and uses it Capitalistic economic system to exploit the poor and disadvantaged,yet he wants people of others countries specifically Mexico and Cental American countries to be allowed to freely come to America. This is NOT logical. This lacks reasoning. This lacks Common Sense.

Why would the leader of the Catholic Church and all its adherents send people to such a diabolical place where Satan reigns?

A Bully or a?
Donald Trump seems incapable of taking criticism. His instinct is to attack and demean. One moment he is in love with everyone and in his next breath goes on a rampage about someone who dared to point out something negative about him.
Remember, he is going to be the wheeler-dealer who will bring different factions to the table and iron out a deal. Good luck with that.

Friends and Enemies
The whole Cuban dance shows just how naraccistic Barak Obama is. His more and, of course, his mere presence in the company of TOTALITARIANS will lower the seas and open the hearts of tyrants.

The Obama Presidency proves day in and day out that is incompetent, insecure and lost. It can and does only one thing and one thing only. That is the “fundamental transformation of America”.

The President and his representatives stand by and watch as the world is burning and in concert find blame with anyone else but themselves.

What a sorry commentary on the first Black President who couldn’t of gotten elected twice without a large support from Whites. Further, as the first Black President, Mr. Obama has done more than anyone at anytime to widen the gap between White and Blavk. He promotes racial his harmony through his rhetoric and has been doing it since his election.

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