Has he or hasn’t he

Has President Trump done anything???  Is he nothing more then a Racist, Sexist Homophobe, and the reincarnation of Hitler?  The FACTS say:

1.  defeated ISIS 
2.  unemployment down to a 17-year LOW
3.  November saw over 225,000 new jobs
4,  Economy growing at 3.3% in third quarter
5.  Stock Market continues to grow
6.  cutting back on stifling REGULATIONS
7.  $1.4 TRILLION Tax overhaul passes in Senate
8.  a Constitutionalist appointed to the Supreme Court
9.  Jerusalem recognized as the Capital of Israel and the Embassy to be moved 
from Tel Aviv to its rightful place 
10.  re-evaluating unfavorable trade agreements
11.  pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement
12.  going after the Iran Nuclear Deal
13.  curtailing illegal immigration (down 38%)
14.  still push the border wall
President Trump is keeping his words during the campaign and like him or loathe him, 
he is fulfilling his promises.  Can that be said other other Presidents???
Former President Obama kept one promise and that was to “fundamentally transform America”.  How did that work out?
1.   thought of ISIS as the JV team
2.   increased the National debt to $20,000,000,000,000 (TRILLION)
3.   anemic Economic growth that never reached above 3%
4.   reduced the military
5.   did nothing to stop North Korea
6.   enabled Iran to become nuclear
7.   destroy Healthcare
8.   possibly spied on the Trump campaign
9.   appointed highly ineffective political hacks to head the Department of Justice
10. befriended enemies and shunned allies
Trump Derangement Syndrome is real and dividing the country and not for the good.

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