Individuals not welcome

Evidence is overwhelming that the Left has a VIOLENCE problem that can be traced back throughout its history.  The Mainstream Media better called the Praetorian Guard Media (Mark Levin) fronting for the Democrat Party has brought SHAME to their profession.  

Journalsim is defined by Wikipedia as “ the production and distribution of reports on the interaction of events, facts, ideas, and people that are the “news of the day” and that impacts society to at least some degree. Further,  Access to freely available information gathered by independent and competing journalistic enterprises with transparent editorial standards can enable citizens to effectively participate in the political process. Are Journalists fulfilling their 1st Amendment Right?
The rhetoric from the Left have stretched the boundaries of civility, respect and exchanging ideas far beyond our galaxy.  The Left through the Democrat Party has a very violent history where words erupted often in violence that further lead to destruction and death.  The KKK grew out of the end of the Civil War and a means for Democrats to defy openly and willingly their government.  Labor Unions a very strong supporter of the Democrat Party used violence and intimidation as useful tools to achieve their Goal and in support of their fellow Democrats.  In the 19060s, the Radical Left through the Weathermen, Black Panthers & others embraced violence and destruction.  The 21st Century not wanting to be out has seen the rise of the violent and destructive Occupy Wall Street movement.  And finally, in June of 2017, an attempted assassination of  Republican members of Congress.
The Right used harsh and heavy handed language throughout the Obama 8 years but NOTHING compared to the Left.  There were no calls for destruction and violence.  There were no movements taking to the streets to destroy and disrupt.  There was the Tea Party representing the discontent of the Right toward the President’s policies but NO violence.  After the election of Donald Trump, the “Resistance” was birthed.  “Resistance” is  defined as he refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument. Wikipedia
WE have witnessed since January 20, 2017 a never-ending near 24/7 attack of President Trump.  There was John Lewis, Congressman from Atlanta proclaiming to everyone that Donald Trump was “Illegitimate”.  Maxine Waters another Congressperson on numerous occasions lead the march for Impeachment.  The NYT and WaPo lead the charge of accusations against the President and his administration focusing on collusion with the Russians.  It made no difference that there was NO evidence nor would any ever be any produced.  CNN turned into the “Get Trump at any costs Network”. The rhetoric from the Minority Leaders in both Houses of Congress is far from civil.  The two Democrats running for President used harsh language, very harsh, in describing the President.  This proclivity of negativity culminated in the attempted assassination of Republicans.
The appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate the Russian collusion charge has morphed into an unlimited probe of whatever.
Pandora’s Box has been blown apart and there has been Heel to pay ever since.  It seems that the conflict of interests of Mr. Mueller are irrelevant.  He is a very close friend of the former Director of the FBI.  Further, he has appointed Leftist lawyers who have contributed to the Democrat Party in aid his investigation. 
The divide between Left and Right has grown.  Not since the Civil War has the fracture been so dramatic.  The rise of Sanctuary Cities at both the city and state level has grown.  The Governor of California visiting China has stated that his state will ignore the President’s withdrawal from the Paris Accords and do what thy want.  This is called nullification and was the path the South took against the Union  before succession and the eventually Civil War that saw unheard of destruction and 500,000 plus deaths.
The divide between the Republicans and Democrats is expanding as is the fracture within the population.  Cicil dialogue is near impossible.
The Left has adopted IDENTITY astern yardstick of acceptance.  This radical stance has grown out of Critical Thinking.  Simply stated Critical Thinking does not believe in or recognize the IDEAS are Good or Bad.  Rather it sees that the People expressing those IDEAS are either Good or Bad.  Therefore, the opposition is EVIL and must be eliminated for they are blocking the Good of all others.  Further, this stretches the gap for any compromise to be reached.  There is WAR and the WAR promotes the ENDS which always justify any and ll MEANS necessary to achieve the Goal.  the Individual cannot stand in the mind of the Left for they are the Collective.  The individual stands between the IDEOLOGY of the Left that believes that their Utopian vision can create a Paradise on Earth.  Individuals NOT welcome.

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