Once again, the Obamaites turn theirCollective backspin thenIranian people

The Iranian regime is a Totalitarian Theocracy governed by Islamo-Fascism.  There is NO Freedom and individual rights do NOT exist.  It is absolute rule by BIG government.  The Iranians don’t hide their TRUE intentions.  Of course they lie, deceive and misinform.

The Obama administration lead by the President enabled these Islamo-Fascists even knowing thatchy were responsible through their manufacture of IEDs and financial support to various terror organizations.  NotONLY did he allows them a roadmap to become nuclear, he also allowed them to import drugs into the country and gave to them $150,000,000,000+.
The Iranian citizen as in 2009 when Obama turned his back on Freedom has once again taken to the streets to protest.  Yet once again, the minions for Obama have  taken tom print with the following:
1.  Ben Rhodes, The Iranian people are rightfully demanding dignity, less corruption, more opportunity, and greater control over their lives. In looking at US twitter, it seems lost on too many that this is about what Iranians want for Iran, and not about us.
2.  John KerryWith humility about how little we know about what’s happening inside Iran, this much is clear: it’s an Iranian moment and not anyone else’s. But the rights of people to protest peacefully and voice their aspirations are universal and governments everywhere should respect that.
3.  Susan RiceHow Can Trump Help Iran’s Protesters? Be Quiet.
Do these individuals have any VIRTUE?  The answer is obvious…

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