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Are there any Liberals left in the Democrat Party. The last “real” Liberal elected was Senator Joe Libermann. Since his retirement, the Democrat Party has become ever more Progressive and sees the United States as the true enemy of their definition of Freedom.

Mark Levin has written a NYT bestseller titled REDISCOVERING AMERICANISM and the TYRANNY of PROGRESSIVISM.

“Throughout ‘Rediscovering Americanism,’ you’ll see these dichotomies. You’ll see these opposites,” he explained.

“Americanism versus progressivism. What does that mean? It means constitutionalism versus centralism. It means individualism versus conformity.”

Levin continued: “It’s about private property versus collectivism. Prosperity versus redistribution. Separation of powers versus the administrative state. Eternal universal truths versus ideological social engineering. Stability versus constant transformation. Real science versus social science. The rights of man versus the power of government. An eternal moral order versus situational ethics. Liberty versus growing authoritarianism. Education versus indoctrination. The civil society versus the federal leviathan.”

The Left is on a mission to fulfill Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America”.  They believe with heart and soul that ONLY through their Utopian vision that they can and will create Paradise on Earth. Further, the ENDS will always justify any and all MEANS necessary to reach their Goal.

The Left/Progressive is DEVOID of new IDEAS.  They are Reactionary and are driven by their delusional IDEOLOGY that promises heaven on Earth.  Therefore, they are at continual WAR with their opposition, the Right and especially Conservatism.  Conservatism is their deadly enemy.

The Left/Progressive sees the Conservative as EVIL.  They represent everything that stands in the way of the Utopian state, Family, the Individual, Religion, the Founding Documents and the Free Market (Capitalism).

There is no VIRTUE or MORALITY embedded within the Left.  They are self-absorbed with their Social Justice as the vehicle that will bring justice, peace and harmony to everyone.  Yet, history has demonstrated that every effort the Left as taken to bring Paradise to Earth has failed.  It not only FAILED but caused the death of over 100,000,000 innocents who had to be removed to realize the state of Paradise.  They don’t just stop with murder.  They in prison, torture and enslave their opposition.

Their current focus is on one thing and one thing only, IDENTITY.  Divide and conquer.

The RINO WHIG Democrat Lite Republicans are no longer an opposition Party.  They have finally come out of the closet.  They are Progressive BIG government is also their answer.  The RINO WHIGS just want the change to happen slower.

The Left is separating far too many Americans from their past roots.  Many Americans no longer have an understanding of History, Civics and Economics.  The touchy-feely sound bite works miracles forth Left.  It is the Venus Fly Trap devouring its prey with the sweet taste of honey.

America’s future have become brainwashed through Indoctrination using Propaganda as the proven vehicle of choice.  Explain the rise of the Democratic Socialist (oxymoron) Bernie Sanders.

Donald Trump was to be the knight to slay the beast and “drain the swamp”.  Unfortunately, his ego and narcism have proven to be far to big denying him his promises to save the village from the fire breathing dragon.

The Question:  Will America wake up to the real threat facing them, the end of their Liberty as they have know it?  Will George Orwell’s 1984 become the new Reality for America?

ONLY the folks can answer those questions.

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