Pandora’s Box is open

Once Pandora’s Box is opened,there is NO shut off mechanism.  The Progressive IDEOLOGY is a stern task master that enslaves its IDEOLOGUES into a Collective lockstep.  It is always the IDEOLOGY, Stupid.

It makes no difference to a myopic delusional Progressive that if one of their own deviate even a tenth of degree in opposition to their “truth” then that individual MUST be stopped.

At, the David Horowitz website there is a banner headline that reads:  INSIDE EVERY PROGRESSIVE IS A TOTALITARIAN SCREAMING TO GET OUT.

I believe that a Progressive is HEARTLESS, SOULLESS and does not possess VIRTUE.  In Star Trek, the Next Generation the crew of the Enterprise faced the Borg.  The Borg was a Collective where each was a part of the whole and, therefore, always function not as individuals but as a part, a link, in the Collective. Today’s Progressive is the Borg.  There can be NO deviance of the Collective mindset.  There is ONLY the Collective.  Each Progressive like the Borg eats sleeps and breathes the Collective.  Purpose is achieved ONLY through the Collective.

The pure Insanity of the Progressive can be seen clearly in their convoluted illogic as demonstrated by the following from BLM, “…The right to free speech is a fundamental human right. However, speech that condones, supports or otherwise fails to explicitly condemn injustice must be directly confronted”.

Progressives are at WAR with any and all opposition which they see as EVIL.  The Evil MUST be destroyed before it can infect others or do harm to the Collective.

Barak Obama stated days before his Inauguration the we were days away from “fundamentally transforming America”.  Since that throw down, The Left has been on a Jihad destroy the Family, Religion, Traditions and the Individual.  They do this to lay the foundation for the Collective and the Utopian vision of creating Paradise on Earth.

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