Political Correctness: the Good?, the Bad & the Ugly

What is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS? Is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS a Good or Bad concept? Is POLITICAL CORRECTION democratic or is it totalitarian in its usage?

In 2017, there is NO argument that PC plays an important role in how language is used, what words are acceptable and the consequences for being politically incorrect. Further, has the power of the individual in using language and the definition of their words being removed from their possession and, then transferred to a small minority of people? This small minority is determining for the majority what is acceptable and what is not.

One need go further than George Orwell’s excellent novel, 1984. Should the TRUTH be suppressed simply because it might offend someone or group and especially the disadvantaged whether it be socially, politically, religiously, emotionally psychologically or in general personally?

Compare 1984 and Orwell’s term “newspeak” to POLITICAL CORRECTNESS where controlling language at its basic root is limiting discourse in the favor of one group or individual over others.

What is George Orwell’s definition of “newspeak”?: a reduced language created by the totalitarian state as a tool to limit free thought and concepts that pose a threat to the regime such as freedom, self-expression, individuality, peace etc. Any form of thought alternative to the party’s construct is classified as a “thoughtcrime”.

Does the above definition by Orwell where “regime” is changed to groups or individuals and used against others who do not comply to the stated definitions of words and their usage, not apply today? Further, re-read Orwell’s definition of “newspeak”.

What is the consensus definition of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS as found on online dictionaries? 1) the avoidance, as often considered as taken to the extreme or actions that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against 2) the attitude or policy of being careful not to offend any group or people in society who believe to have a disadvantage

What steps must be taken to make sure that POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is implemented?

  1. Don’t use language that has the potential whether real or not to offend, exclude devalue or diminish a group or individual
  2. Don’t use language that addresses just one group or individual when the audience is very diverse
  3. Don’t use language by using titles that exclude others
  4. Don’t use language that is derogatory to one’s physical, emotional or psychological state
  5. Don’t use language in racial descriptions that is offensive
  6. Don’t use language to a group where religious terms don’t apply to all present
  7. Don’t use language that is insensitive by inferences that can be read into the word (s) chosen
  8. Don’t use language that dis-empowers, marginalizes, confines or diminishes someone or a group

Is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS tranny? Is PC unrestrained by law and/or the Constitution? Is cruel and “unfair” treatment by one group of people with power over another a punishable offense? Do the feelings and sensitivities of a group or individual demand that those feelings and sensitivities of others in the majority are ignored? Is simply offending another a reason to limit/restrict another’s freedom to speak or even hold a thought?

What are the origins of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS?

  • first used as a joke after WWI
  • evolved from cultural Marxism
  • at its core TOTALITARIAN
  • distorts reality, therefore, reality is forbidden, changed distorted and/or rewritten
  • ideology by its very nature creates a totalitarian state
  • PC like cultural Marxism simply states that all history is determined by POWER, therefore, a group (s) define good and bad (evil)
  • A certain group (s) become ideal and all others are evil
  • The elevation of the victim to hero regardless of what they do or how they do it
  • The taking ways from the individual by the government to benefit the collective
  • Use of deconstruction, whereby, “new” meaning aligning with the desired goal is incorporated while the original intent/meaning is thrown away
  • Georg Lucacs (considered the “most” brilliant Marxist theorist since Marx) in 191`9 said, “Who will save us from Western Civilization”.
  • The only obstacle to the Socialist Utopian state is Western Civilization
  • Converting economic Marxism into cultural Marxism thereby, creating POLITICAL CORRECTNESS by 1930s
  • Frankfurt School the birthplace of PC where Marxism is combined with Freud to form Critical Theory
  • Critical Theory’s main function is to Criticize, WHO?: Western Civilization and Capitalism
  • Critical Theory offers NO solutions but to use PC to limit opposition thinking
  • Frankfurt School in 1930s moves to America to get out of the claws of German Nazism
  • By the 1960s after infiltrating colleges and universities, the Frankfurt radicals plot against the “System”

Once again, is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS tranny? Does limiting speech, behavior and even thought a roadmap to honesty and truthfulness? Can Orwell’s “newspeak” be good for a democratic society? Is simply offending another a reason to limit/restrain another’s choices/freedom to speak, act or think a benefit for a free people?

The following are 19 shocking examples of how political correctness is destroying America…

#1 The Missouri State Fair has permanently banned a rodeo clown from performing just because he wore an Obama mask, and now all of the other rodeo clowns are being required to take “sensitivity training“…

#2 Government workers in Seattle have been told that they should no longer use the words “citizen” and “brown bag” because they are potentially offensive.

#3 A Florida police officer recently lost his job for calling Trayvon Martin a “thug” on Facebook.

#4 “Climate change deniers” are definitely not wanted at the U.S. Department of the Interior.  Interior Secretary Sally Jewell was recently quoted as making the following statement: “I hope there are no climate-change deniers in the Department of Interior”.

#5 A professor at Ball State University was recently banned from even mentioning the concept of intelligent design because it would supposedly “violate the academic integrity” of the course that he was teaching.

#6 The mayor of Washington D.C. recently asked singer Donnie McClurkin not to attend his own concert because of his views on homosexuality.

#7 U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer is calling on athletes marching in the opening ceremonies at the Winter Olympics in Sochi next year to “embarrass” Russian President Vladimir Putin by protesting for gay rights.

#8 Chaplains in the U.S. military are being forced to perform gay marriages, even if it goes against their personal religious beliefs. .

#9 The governor of California has signed a bill into law which will allow transgendered students to use whatever bathrooms and gym facilities that they would like…

#10 In San Francisco, authorities have installed small plastic “privacy screens” on library computers so that perverts can continue to exercise their “right” to watch pornography at the library without children being directly exposed to it.

#11 In America today, there are many groups that are absolutely obsessed with eradicating every mention of God out of the public sphere.  For example, an elementary school in North Carolina ordered a little six-year-old girl to remove the word “God” from a poem that she wrote to honor her two grandfathers that had served in the Vietnam War.

#12 A high school track team was disqualified earlier this year because one of the runners “made a gesture thanking God” once he had crossed the finish line.

#13 Earlier this year, a Florida Atlantic University student that refused to stomp on the name of Jesus was banned from class.

#14 A student at Sonoma State University was ordered to take off a cross that she was wearing because someone “could be offended“.

#15 A teacher in New Jersey was fired for giving his own Bible to a student that did not own one.

#16 Volunteer chaplains for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department have been banned from using the name of Jesus on government property.

#17 According to a new Army manual, U.S. soldiers will now be instructed to avoid “any criticism of pedophilia” and to avoid criticizing “anything related to Islam

#18 The Obama administration has banned all U.S. government agencies from producing any training materials that link Islam with terrorism. .

#19 According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, it is illegal for employers to discriminate against criminals because it has a “disproportionate” impact on minorities.


Albert Einstein famously defined “insanity” as “Doing the same thing over and over again, each and every time getting the same result while expecting to get a different result”.


You Decide if POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is good or bad (evil). You Decide if POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is unabated tyranny/totalitarian or democratic?

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