Right vs. Left, the real story

“The very people who champion the centralized state, have a long history of racism and racial terrorism, used the power of government agonist their political opponents while they could, and continue to use political intimidation and street thuggery to enforce their ideology, insist they are one ones who are anti-fascist”  (the BIG LIE)

The Left. Democrat party, create the false narrative by:
1. the Nazis were capitalists while the Left is anti-capitalistic
2. the nazis were Christians while the left is secular
3. the Nazis were anti-abortion while the Left supports abortion
4. the Nazis were repressed and sexually conventional while the Left is sexually liberated bohemians
Rowdies the Left LIE about itself to protect its ideological and tactical proximity to the Nazis:
1. the Nazis were the party of racism while the left is the party of anti-racism
2. the Nazis enslaved people while the Left is the party of antislavery
3. the Nazis perpetuated genocide and racial terrorism while Left would do that
4. the Nazis were viciously intolerant of dissenting views while the Left is unbelievably tolerant
History tells us that it was the Democrat party that was pro-slavery, pro-segregation, pr-racism, pr-KKK.  In 2017,it remains the Party of IDENTITY politics.  The Republican Patry coming out of the ineffective whig Party was the anti-slavery, promotes a color blind society and stands for VIRTUE.

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