Rising to the Top

The grass is never as green as one thinks over the next hill. Donald Trump reminds one of the schoolyard bully. Intimidating others, nasty in his rhetoric, mean-spirited in his choice of words and a 100% narassictic brat who believes that the world revolves around him and only him.

Mr. Trump has pulled the greatest sting of all time. Paul Newman and Robert Redford would be very envious. With the force of his personality, expertise at understanding what people desire and filling that need, he has hijacked the RINO WHIG Democrat Lite Republican Party and sees himself as the Chosen One to lead the huddled masses desperate to reach the Promised Land.

The Trump legions of supporters have fastened their everything with their Messiah. He can do no wrong, say nothing outlandish, he can defame anyone anytime and those legions of Trumpsters continue in lockstep right behind the Donald.

The day after the RINO WHIG Democrat Lite Republican Convention, was Mr. Trump going after Hillary Clinton and her Himalayan flaws? No, he rather attacked and rehashed his mean-spirited bullying directed at Senator Cruz. It has been reported that Mr. Trump’s obsession with the Senator and Governor of Ohio has extended to the creation of a OAC poring millions when and if they both run for any election.

It almost seems that for Donald Trump the experience of running for President is nothing more than a lark. The banner of the Trump campaign “Make America Great Again” is his strategy for success yet there is NO substance on how that will be accomplished. Building walls, banning this or that group from entry into the USA, strengthening the military, creating jobs, making good deals, making other countries pay their “fair” shRe, questioning the role of the United States in NATO, abortion, tariffs and their consequences, bathrooms and the list goes on. How, how will he accomplish his laundry list? HOW?

After nearly 8 years of the “fundamental transformation of America” under the leaderless leadership of Barak Obama, the ONLY way for America and her citizens to respond is for the RINO WHIG Democrat Lite Republican Party to nominate Donald Trump, a recently born again Republican, therefore, transforming him from a card carying Leftist into the RINO WHIG Democrat Lite Republican. Is not life much more bizzar then science fiction?

The Democrat Party not wanting to be stranded in a field of daisies through whatever means available (e-mail dump between DNC and Clinton Campaign) has chosen the Kleptocratic habitual lying unindiited felon and traitor, Hillary Clinton. It can almost bring on a wave of support for Bernie Sanders. Then in a moment of clarity, one realizes that the Senator from Vermont, the avowed Democratic Socialist (an oxymoron) is nothing less then a wolf in sheep’s clothing (a Marxist through and through).

The America of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan is disappearing. The Declaration of Independence and US Constitution are becoming ancient and meaningless pieces of parchment.

In 2016, it is all about bathrooms, “safe spaces”, “trigger warnings”, “micro-aggression” and the BIG 3 (political correctness, multi-cultural ism and social justice).

America with a population of over 300,000,000 has Donald and Hillary rising to the top.

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