Scandals and More

Let us NOT forget the numerous Obama scandals that were REAL:

1.    Solyndra Scandal
2.  Veterans Affairs Scandal
3.   Operation Chokepoint Scandal
4.   Gibson Guitar Scandal 
5.   Fast & Furious Scandal 
6.   DOJ-James Rosen Scandal 
7.   Gruber-Obamacare Scandal
8.  Skolkovo Scandal
9.  Benghazi Scandal
10. IRS Exemption Scandal
11. Iran Ransom Scandal
12. Bergdahl-Guantanamo Scandal 
13. Dossier Scandal
14. Uranium 1 Scandal
15. Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton Tarmac Scandal
16. Project Cassandra Scandal
Corrupt-free and Transparent administration, I think NOT. 
Could this be what Obama meant when he said that we are about to “fundamentally transform America”?
Is there not one law that applies to ALL Americans?  Are those with wealth and power more entitled to privilege then the average American citizen?
Harry Truman said that the “buck stops here”.  Does Barak Obama understand that?
Does the former President have any Responsibility and Accountability for his actions and those of his Administration?
Since November 8, 2016, the Praetorian Guard Media (Mark Levin) has gone on a witch hunt to find anything, something to hang around the neck of President Trump.  He has not been allowed a second of Peace whether it is the Democrat Party, print Media, TV even ESPN could not hold back and the legions of Blabbing Heads who seem to have a single mission to constantly reinforce and that would be if the Democrat Party can get the majority in the House to IMPEACH Donald Trump.  Their delusional rants against Mr. Trump have gone from mental instability, a Racist, Sexist, Homophobe, the reincarnation of Hitler, a Fascist, anti-Immigrant, Collusion with the Russia which brought about a Special Counsel who for 7 months of investigation has found NOTHING, a BIG fat donut hole and whatever fantasies can be fabricated to discredit the elected president of the United States.  The weapons of choices thrown endlessly at the President are Lies, Deception and Misinformation.  The Trump Derangement Syndrome “Haters” that include the phony Conservative #NeverTrump even go as far to voting for Hillary Clinto who violated the Espionage Act have as a Collective lost any and all touch with Reality and, rather, rely on a Alternative Reality that they have created which acts like an echo chamber allowing Collective reinforcement of their sickness.  
The country seems to mean nothing to them.  It is, rather, about them, their purpose, their contributions and their Collective hurt feelings.

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