Stop the wandering

The Honor Guard assembled in pressed uniforms, polished brass and attention to every detail.  They all came dressed in black.  There were no smiles to be seen.  They all looked stunned and in a state of confusion and bewilderment.

All one could hear was the gentle rustling of leaves.  They talked in whispers.

No, a President had not died.  A famous person was not being laid to their final rest.

This was a funeral for the party of Lincoln, Coolidge and Reagan.  Like the Whigs who the Republicans replaced, the Party of One Nation and Civil Rights was to be no more.

The glorious Party that secured the continuation of the United States and finally corrected the injustice of slavery had morphed into a RINO WHIG Democrat Lite Party of little consequence.  For far too many years, The RINO WHIGS had made themselves irrelevant and without true purpose.  They had lost their virtue.  Why would anyone want Lite when the real thing was available.

We, the People finally came to the realization that the RINO WHIGS could non longer be trusted.  They were Progressives but just wanted not see the change occur much slower so they could shore up their base through deceit and, thereby,  continue to stay in power without standing for anything.

In 2016, the Voter gave the RINO WHIGS complete package.  They controlled the Congress, had the ability to appoint Constitutional Originalists and occupied the White House.  With that much control and power at their disposal, they did nothing but pontificate nonsense and stand for nothing.

The President promised much as an outsider running for the highest office in the land.  He declared that he and he alone was the one to “clean the swamp” called Washington DC.   The American voter finally had their knight in shinning armor ready to do battle with the entrenched Establishment.  Oh, the fog of deceit.

Unfortunately, his Presidency turned into an episode of the Twilight Zone  The “Donald” was not the Dragon Slayer he told everyone that he was.  He turned out be just like those other politicians he rallied against.  He proved to be a man of little conviction and almost no substance.  His claim to be the dealmaker of dealmakers was a lie.

For over 3 decades, Conservatives have been wandering in the desert without a leader who could part the sea, rain plague upon their enemies and lead his people into the Promised Land.  This was not a Utopian dream.  It has been done before but the deceitful followers of Reagan turned their Collective backs on him and all his accomplishment.  They melted their gold  and sculpted false images of power and control, thereby, appeasing their gods of Lies, Deceit and Misinformation.

They easily became blinded by the false miracles they attempted to create.  They could no longer see or hear TRUTH.  Virtue escaped them.  They drank power and ate control.  They had become slaves to  their false creations.

If one listens carefully you can hear the rumblings of We, the People. They are looking for that someone to once again lead them back into the glory, virtue, exceptionalism and Liberty that they all had lived under.  They took it all for granted and through their complacency it went away.

It can be reclaimed.  We, the People just have to want it.  That is what will once again make America and We, the People Great.

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