Tax Cuts

What is a TAX CUT?  Rather then giving to the government a set percentage of an individual’s earned income, they are able to keep more of that money earned.  Tax cuts by Presidents Coolidge, Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton (Capital Gains) , Bush and now Trump (to be determined)  have all INCREASED the revenue once the cuts went into effect.  During the Reagan cut, the revenue nearly doubled even though individuals and corporations were paying a smaller percentage.

Income tax cuts reduce the amount individuals and families pay on wages earned. When people can take home more of their paychecks, consumer spending increases. This personal consumption drives almost 70 percent of the economy because it’s one of the four components of GDP.   How tax cuts affect the economy depends on the type of tax being cut. Tax cuts boost the economy by putting more money into circulation. They also increase the deficit if they aren’t offset by spending cuts. As a result, tax cuts improve the economy in the short-term but depress the economy in the long-term if they lead to increased federal debt which is due not to the cut but INCREASED  SPENDING. (the
BIG government demands and always MORE and MORE dollars.  Big government wants to control individuals and the CHOICES they make.  Tax cuts take a little of that power away from them.
Democrats want BIG, BIGGER and the BIGGEST government possible.  WHY? BIG government increases their Collective CONTROL and POWER over individuals, therefore, limiting individual Choices, FREEDOMS.
Conservatives believe in the power of the individual and through the Founding Fathers, Framers, Declaration of Independence and US  Constitution the government works for the individual and not the otherway.  Conservatives WANTS to conserve the Supreme Law of the Land, the Constitution as its intent and purpose was written by the Framers.  Conservatism wants Federalism.  VIRTUE, Religion freedom for everyone, the strength of the family, limited government and regulation and “unalienable rights” meaning LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS.
Lower Taxes afford individuals the opportunity to use more of their earned dollars to be spent and invested as they like and NOT determined by a bureaucrat in Washington DC.
2018 will clearly demonstrate that “people will not die”, ONLY the rich benefited, the Democrats Lie, deceive and misinform, President Trump is a politician who keeps his promises and all Americans benefit from good fiscal policy.

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