The Left/Progressives always want the public to believe that their fringe issues are what a majority of Americans believe. They then tell the lie over and over again knowing as Joseph Gobbles, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister stated will eventually become FACT. These LIES are exemplified by the “iron triangle” of the Media, better called the Praetorian Guard Media (Mark Levin), Hollywood comprised of entertainers who have come to believe that their really duty is to lecture America on all its wrongs and Academia which has clearly morphed from a learning institution to a Indoctrination center through the use of propaganda.

Ask the players and owners what specifically they re protesting and the answer is all over the place.

The Left is consumed by IDENTITY politics. Everything boils down to Race, Gender, an ism or a phobia. The weapon of choice is attack Attack ATTACK. The purpose is to unravel the system to build another that through will build the perfect Utopian Paradise on Earth.

Mark Levin in his excellent bestseller REDISCOVERING AMERICANISM and the TYRANNY of PROGRESSIVISM clearly and precisely using their very words outlines the strategy.

“Throughout ‘Rediscovering Americanism,’ you’ll see these dichotomies. You’ll see these opposites,” he explained.

“Americanism versus progressivism. What does that mean? It means constitutionalism versus centralism. It means individualism versus conformity.”

Levin continued: “It’s about private property versus collectivism. Prosperity versus redistribution. Separation of powers versus the administrative state. Eternal universal truths versus ideological social engineering. Stability versus constant transformation. Real science versus social science. The rights of man versus the power of government. An eternal moral order versus situational ethics. Liberty versus growing authoritarianism. Education versus indoctrination. The civil society versus the federal leviathan.”

For the Left/Progressivism to succeed, it first MUST destroy the institutions, traditions and values that the Society holds dear.  That starts with the Family.  Realistically look at what the Great Society did to the Black Family.  Marriage must be redefined, thus, giving it NO meaning.  Individualism is destroyed to allow the growth of the Collective, whereby, individuals can attain individualism.  A country’s nothing more then a link in the Global chain of Nations

The Left is at War with any and all opposition that will not agree with their delusion and myopic ideas.  That opposition is portrayed as EVIL.  The EVIL MUST be destroyed, thereby allowing the ENDS (a noble goal) to use any and all MEANS necessary even including lies, deceit and misinformation.

It is all about the IDEOLOGY, period.

The Left/Progressives have become “experts” at diversion.  Keep people off balance.  Steer them toward fringe made-up issues and that will consume all their time.  Keep any opposition off balance allowing for further distraction.

The National Anthem and the Flag are powerful symbols of the United States of America.  America is not perfect nor is any other nation.  But America is the closest Mankind has come to establishing a form of government that offers its citizens through its Declaration of Independence “unalienable rights with LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS.  America fought a Civil War to preserve the Nation and continue those RIGHTS.   World Wars were fought to allow FREEDOM to ring loud and clear.  Ronald Reagan lead the defeat of the Soviet Union a Tyranny that killed, tortured and enslaved its own people and gobbled up all of Eastern Europe.  To rectify its biggest black mark, slavery, it fought a Civil War, passed 3 Amendments to right the wrong and then in the 1960s passed Civil Rights legislation.  Finally in 2008, America elected its first Black President.

It is ironic that billionaires and millionaires continue to claim that the system is stacked against them and others like them.  Let me emphasis that the millionaires who have reached the pinnacle success see injustice everywhere and it is institutionalized.

Survey after survey is showing that Americans are dissatisfied with the in your face manner thatches pampered athletes are treating their nation.  The fans are speaking loud and clear by walking away from the game.

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