The “Dark Side”

The BIG question for me is: what RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY does the Management and those working for said organization bear?  if just a handful or even one individual would of stepped forward and and “cried FOUL’ then many women and younger males would of been protected from the sexual predators stacking the hallways, offices and elevators.

For far too long, SILENCE was the preferred avenue chosen by organizations and individuals who would rather protect their jobs, earned income and futures then doing the “right” thing.  Were was their VIRTUE?

They all mouthed the politically correct words, support the politically correct causes and are  in lockstep with the “right” IDEOLOGY and then all is forgiven.  Morality is bent to conform to the Progressive IDEOLOGY which in its myopic and delusional manner professes to care and sympathize with those in NEED.  Yet, while pretending to be on the side of those in NEED, the Progressive acts out everything they claim to despise.  They as a Collective define HYPOCRISY.  Their ENDS of creating Paradise own Earth justify any and all MEANS necessary to attain their Nirvana which translates to POWER.

Finally, the LIGHT has been shown upon them and just like the vampire, they burn.

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  The wealth and powerful as they attain elite status come to a fork in the road.  They are presented with a CHOICE.  That CHOICE is VIRTUE.  Will they continue to see ViIRTUE as the most admirable quality to foster and maintain OR will they to borrow from Stars Wars go over to the DARK SIDE and allow Darth Vader to be their role model simply because they can?

The Left has control of the Culture through the “Iron Triangle” (Dan Banging) which is the Praetorian Guard Media (Mark Levin), Hollywood and Academia.  Their Collective stranglehold MUST be broken and exposed for what truly is. precisely states in its banner headline:  INSIDE EVERY PROGRESSIVE IS A TOTALITARIAN SCREAMING TO GET OUT.

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