The Delusion NEVER stands still

Unfortunately. for a Leftist they have one foot and 3/4ths of the other in their delusional Alternative Reality where Truth and Facts have no meaning if in opposition to their ideology.

What is MOST curious is that if there is ANY voter fraud, WHY wouldn’t any reasonable individual who had but a mere ounce of Common Sense want an Investigation?

The Left with the defeat of their 2nd Messiah, Hillary Clinton, defeated in the 2016 Presidential election had their Utopian vision of creating Paradise on Earth for Mankind come crumbling down.  They were put into a terminal state of shock.  Their initial reaction was to circle the wagons, regroup, hand out standing orders, supply their legion of “true believers” with the necessary explosive words of Race, Gender and Ethnicity to stir the pot of discontent among the fellow travelers and then they marched off to battle wherever necessary.

Love TRUMPS Hate the slogan of the moment.  President Trump just a week in office is unfit and should note have the power and codes to go nuclear and, thereby, endanger not just America but the entire world. A freeze on Federal hiring simply outrageous.  Build the Wall to secure and protect the sovernignity of the country and its citizens.  Start an investigation into Voter Fraud is not necessary even if dead people vote.

The MOST ridiculous claim from the Left is that Minorities and especially Blacks as a group have been suppressed in their attempts to vote with ZERO evidence.  If my memory is correct for 8 years Barak Obama was the President and controlled the Justice Departmentt hat did not have the necessary evidence to go forward.

And the Left still continues to scratch their Collective heads finding the MOST absurd excuses for their defeat and as their house burns down due to their own fault can ONLY scream Love TRUMPS Hate.

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