The “nobel” ENDS

After spending 12 years in the government funded K-12 schools and then going on to a college or university that believes in creating Activists through indoctrination by using propaganda is much more valuable then teaching students to engage in critical thinking, logic , reasoning and a sprinkle of Common Sense can ONLY result in myopic individuals who cannot see outside of their echo chamber box.

It can be reported that Journalism is dead.  Unfortunately, journalism majors ONLY receive one side of any and all issues and are indirectly taught that the IDEOLOGY of the Progressive where it promises that it can create Paradise on Earth through its Utopian vision is the answer.

Mark Levine correctly relabelled the Mainstream Media as the Praetorian Guard Media that acts like a PR Firm/SuperPac for the Democrat Party.  Therefore, the Media feels justified that the Ends being of absolute importance support any and all MEANS  necessary to reach and achieve the IDEOLOGICAL Goal.  The results are Lying, Deceiving and Misinforming as legitimate methods to spread the Gospel according too the Utopian vision.

Failure in its many forms is denied by the Progressive and within the echo chamber of the Alternative Reality of the IDEOLOGY success and the vision of its importance is constantly reinforced.  There is no room for Reality and its lessons.  It is the IDEOLOGY, Stupid.

The Media personifies Joseph Gobbles statement that tell the lie, tell it often and eventually that lie will become “truth’.  Donald Trump shinned the light on the dishonest Media when after they declared WAR on him, he did not retreat to a corner and lick his wounds.  Mr. Trump and then President Trump fought back.  He called out the Media as nothing more then #FakeNews.  He used Twitter as his bully pulpit to wage his war against the Media.  The battle was on.

Soon, the American people began to see the Media for what they were and exactly how they were manipulating viewers and readers into buying their Collective deceit.

Mr. Greenfield is spot when he writes “The product isn’t news. It’s narrative”. It is the support and cultivation of the IDEOLOGY that is the business of the pretend News.  Everything that supports the narrative is highlighted and anything that denounces the narrative is deemed offensive and irredeemable.

Progressivism sees any and all opposition as EVIL.  EVIL must be destroyed to protect the “nobel” ENDS.

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