The Obituary

The American Press has been laid to rest in an unmarked grave.  Due to an avalanche of Bias, Inaccuracies, Falsehoods, the Make-believe and simple direct Dishonesty the News Industry infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome is unable as a Collective to fight off their self-induced disease.
Day in and day on a 24/7 cycle Democrats, Babbling Heads, pretend reports and a conga-line of “experts” drinking from the same poisoned cesspool of disinformation, lies,and deceits were all gradually stricken with the inability to accept Reality.
Their ONLY option was to crete an Alternative Reality that acted as an echo chamber where the Collective could readily reinforce their myopic and delusional IDEOLOGY.  This FAILED IDEOLOGY promised the “true believers” and fellow travelers that together they through the Utopian vision would create Paradise on Earth where they and they alone would have ALL the necessary power and control to make the decisions/Choices for everyone else.  Therein lied their Utopia.
Their unbreakable DENIAL forced them to a restricted corner of no scape where their ONLY choice was to continue to double down and then do it again and again.  Bodies  began to drop and the bodies piled up.
Each effort no longer seemed to work.  No longer were the masses willing to be placed into a specific label and be defined by the hyphen.
It was like Rip Van Winkle finally awakening from a 100 year nap.  The Reality was far to strong to DENY.  Yet, the IDEOLOGUES could NOT retreat. They NEVER realized that their precious IDEOLOGY enslaved them into total submission acting much like a Religion which and everyone bowed before.They continue to march in lock step to an IDEOLOGY that for 100 years has always FAILED and is responsible for the deaths of over 100,000,000 million innocent men, women and children.  Even with such powerful numbers and the never ending Failures, the “true believers” and fellow travelers could not stop going to the mirage of an imagined Oasis and drink the TDS poison.
Services will be held this coming Halloween, 2018 one minute before midnight.  The Reverend Wright, Jackson and Sharpton will speaker for the last time.  It is hoped they have the strength and endurance to make it to October 31.  If not their words will be read in unison fro whoever is left from the Democrat Party.
In this Twilight moment, are pryers and good thoughts go to those who do desperately tried to destroy the country, its citizens, the Individual, Family, Religion, the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution.  We pray that they can find some salvation in their eternal state of Redemption.

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