Their own worst enemy

Trump Derangement Syndrome is contagious, limitless and constantly on the move.  It cares not for Party affiliation, skin color or even gender.  It claims multi-victims every minute.

Tell a lie, spread a lie and/or distort a lie yet it still is a LIE.  The anti-trumpeters just cannot escape the trap.  Their ONLY relief is to continue the LIE.  There ONLY escape is to continue the LIE.  There ONLY escape is no escape.

There is an internal defect within the RINO WHIG Democrat Lite Republican that is incapable of adjusting to Reality.  Over the past 39 years, they having been squashed y the Left year in and year out, have become just to frightened of rejection that they have sought comfort in just “get along to belong”.  As the Nazi Propaganda Minister so sinisterly stated, “tell a lie, tell it often and eventually it becomes the Truth”.  The RINO WHIGS have dug the very hole and are hiding within it.

The RINO WHIGS have become Neutered.  The scary fat is that they don’t even know it.  The Ryans and McConnells just ploy along in a fog of bewilderment content with whichever way the current wind blows.  The Left sits across from them fully loaded with  an over abundance of ammunition and their weapons of Lies, Deceits and Misinformation ever ready to lock on to a target.

The icing on the cake for the RINO WHIGS is that they cannot see the Democrats as the “real” enemy.  Rather, their enemy is the Conservatives who won’t stop rocking the boat.  The Conservative is the target of the raft of the Speaker and Majority Leader.  Nor should one forget the anti-Trumpeters.  The President is NOT one of them.

Mr. Greenfield nicely sums up the schizoid behavior of the RINO WHIGS : ” Never Trump Republicans think that the media hates Trump. It doesn’t hate Trump. It hates them. Republicans have varied reactions to Trump. Leftists have only one reaction to anyone to the right of them. It’s the same reaction you get if you send an ISIS member into Temple Beth Shalom”.  The RINO WHIGS pretend Conservatism but acts Liberal.  They champion BIG BIGGER BIGGEST government as the source for their power and control.  They have fallen into the trap that they can get along with or might even be able to control the Left.  In their stupor of INSANITY, the country continues to slip toward the abyss and far to entertained with the next annoymous sourced scandal.

If the Right cannot wake up and see clearly the threat that the Left is presenting then the Nation becomes even more divided and that point of NO return draws ever closer.

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