They just don’t KNOW what to do

The Mainstream Media, the Praetorian Guard Media (Mark Levin) along with the Democrat politician and the legion of Babbling Heads have created a river of quicksand which they continually attempt to cross. Donald Trump provides all the necessary materials and the Left in the dark of dark swoops in to get their more then fair share. As they construct the river of quicksand, they as a Collective keep sinking down deeper and deeper into the goo. But so taken by their myopic and delusional IDEOLOGY that through the Utopian vision of creating Paradise on Earth they and they ALONE with be in power and control making all the necessary decisions/Choices for everyone else.

They truly cannot help themselves. The President continues to by play them and each and every time they fall for his trap. Simply by opening their mouths, they fall victim to themselves and demonstrate to the aware just how Ignorant or maybe STUPID and ENSLAVED by the IDEOLOGY they have become.

The more the Praetorian Guard Media buys into the very false assumption that President Trump is as dumb as a doorknob, the faster they backtrack into a corner and then have the ONLY option of doubling down over and over again. Each double down takes away from the little credibility that they Collectively have left. They are completely blind toward Reality. They have created an Alternative Reality which it like an echo chamber reinforcing Collective thought and action.

There is a trilogy called the Cube that will literally show how trapped the Progressive Movement has become. Unlike the outcome of each movie, the Progressives are far to arrogant to realize how their words and actions have trapped them.

The Achilles heal of the Progressive is their assessment of President Trump. They have pigeon holed him and, as a result, just like they went after Bush, McCain and Romney, they use the exact same tactics. But President Trump is NOT in any shape or form like those RINO WHIG Democrat Lite Republicans. He is a fighter and he fights back. The Queensbury Rules do not apply. It is bare knuckles, kicking , biting and sracthing are OK. He has turned the weapons of the Progressive back on them and they just don’t know what to do.

The Progressive has gurney into theVictim and nobody other then the Collective seems to care. They are becoming the blind leading the blind into the desert of Nowhere.

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