Up, up and away, but to Where?? September 14, 2014

Oh how they tempt you.  They are teases.  Allow for a few minutes of free access and then lower the hammer.  They show NO mercy.  They have you surrounded and their is no help available.

 They brought the ball to the game and have rewritten the rules.  It’s their game, period.  Sound familiar?
Spend hundreds or multi-hundreds of dollars to reserve a seat inside a very large sardine can.  If you don’t have those extra dollars to be treated like royalty, then suffer.
40,000 feet above ground, flying at 500+ miles per hour where all your faith and trust is placed squarely on the shoulders of a pilot who you hope didn’t finish in the bottom 10% of his flying class.
Go through long lines to be X-rayed by a horde of minimum wage Security people who wanted nothing more than to be an operator of the full body scanner that will reveal all to the peeping Tom eye baller. It’s not bad enough they humiliate blue haired 70+ year old women as potential threats to the safety of others.  Volumes have been written on the hordes of Senior Citizen Terrorists who after living for multi-decades in a mere flash have decided that jihad is the only reason for living.
I do digress from my complaint.
Spent my hard earned retirement money to go to Dallas to watch my beloved, OK,
a bunch over the top, Mavs play at their house.  Bring my electronics so I can amuse myself on the 3 1/2 hours journey over and through  white clouds.
So what does the “friendly skies of United” do to show how much they appreciate my business?  Well the picture is not a pretty one.  Let me borrow from the kids, “their haters”.  Not like the “good old days” when so much stuff was free.
Want food, please open your wallet.  Want a movie, well open your wallet.  Want more than one smile, open your wallet.  Where did all those attractive Flight attendants go?  But wait, if you fly 1st class and spend  a small fortune, no worries.
For the pauper class one single syllable word: tough.  Just fork out the $6.95.
No Internet, so is that “fair” and equitable?  Forget about a high unemployment rate, forget about a lousy economic recovery, minimum wage barely covers the cost of The Internet, drop the Racist, and all the isms for they pale in comparison to “Where’s the Internet?”.
And I thought after my harrowing TSA experience that all was good.  Was I ever wrong.  They have you between a rock and a very uncomfortable seat and a relentless as they  look for you everywhere and show no mercy.
How I miss my Wi-Fi.  Those good old days!

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