Use the POWER correctly

Democrats are seasoned and understand completely that politics is WAR and every battle is fought with but one intention and that is to WIN.  RINO WHIG Democrat Lite Republicans take a very different road that continually ends with the exact same outcome.  They “get along to belong”.  They consider themselves gentleman and, therefore, play by the Queensbury Rules.  It does not seem to be about doing the “right” thing but, rather, finding acceptance from the Media which is in the pocket of the Democrat Party.

What is most important to the RINO is acceptance.  For so long they were the backbench Party.  They have accepted that role and play it to perfection.  They elect spineless leaders within their ranks that just want to flow with the current.  Maintaining their individual power and control is just fine with them.  Their Base is ONLY important at election time and that is when their rhetoric is in line with the Reagan Legacy.  Once elected and secure, they revert back to the status quo where BIG government is just hunky-dory with them.
In 2017, the combination of the cowardly RINO leadership and the #NeverTrumpsters presents a very large obstacle to President Trump and his Agenda to “clean the swamp”.
Te National Debt continues to rise to $20,000,000,000,000 (TRILLION).  At the conclusion of the current fiscal year another $500,000,000,000 (BILLION) will be added.  Spending continues and the preverbal can is once again kicked down the road burdening the current generation and future generation to pick up the tab.  The Wall to secure the border is becoming a Urban Legend.  ISIS and terrorism is running wild.  Russia, China, North Korea and Iran do what they want, when they want and however they want.  Obamacare while destroying individual CHOICE is not going to be Repealed and its Replacement is nothing more then a joke.  Spending  borrowed dollars $1,000,000,000,000 (TRILLION) on infrastructure will be nothing more then Obama’s “investment” of $800,000,000,00 (BILLION) of waste.  
Where have the RINOs gone?  They are AWOL and can only be found on milk cartons.  The Democrats continue 24/7 to fracture and divide Americans into Tribes and help to secure Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America”.
Individuals do have POWER and that POWER is the vote.  It is time to use that POWER correctly.

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