What are the options???

‘Give Peace a Chance” along with Diplomacy have created a BIG fat zero. They do make the user feel good about themselves and their intentions.  When President Reagan confronted the “Evil Empire” with strong words followed by strong and decisive actions, the days of the Soviet Union were numbered. The Soviets no longer are a threat nor do they exist in 2017.  Unfortunately, we learned very little if NOTHING from the Reagan Playbook.

Diplomacy without the stick ONLY enables the BAD Guy to believe that they are confronted by a paper Tiger without claws or teeth.

The North Koreans along with the Iranians pose a dire threat ton the free world. They do not hide their intentions but, rather boldly state them for their enemies to hear loud and clear. These are Totalitarian regimes who have near zero regard for the people they rule over or their enemies which they NEED to destroy.

The USA and Europe have followed the Chamberlain holding up a piece of paper and declaring “peace in our time”.

Since the Clinton Administration and subsequent administrations, each President employed talk TALK Talk and just kicked the can down the road.  With the ongoing hesitation and enabling, the Koreans and Iranians have ONLY grown stronger and more emboldened.  All they seem to get from their enemies is talk. The talk just gets more talk and more threats.

The North Koreans and Iranians are not virtuous players in the game of Life and death.  They don’t hide their intentions and the USA and Europe pretend that they don’t hear those intentions.  The Barbarians at the Gates of Europe have entered and from inside are rotting the core.  The Iranians Islamo-Fascism sees their Jahad as necessary and Allah driven.  The North Koreans under the leadership of a deranged fanatic who does believe he is ordained directly by God.

The North Koreans and Iranians are backing themselves into a corner and their fiery words ONLY heat up the dialogue to become even more emboldened.

Albert Einstein defined this exact type of behavior where engaging in the same behavior over and over again each and every time expecting a different result but each and every time getting the exact same result is INSANITY.

We have figuratively locked ourselves in a rubber lined room, are wearing a straitjacket and have placed blunders on.  The result is limited options.

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